“I think we did more in one day than many people can do in 2 or more”

I recently used your website and book to create a customized plan for my family to have 1 jampacked day at Disneyland & it was a HUGE SUCCESS!!
We only waited in an “over10minuteline” one time and we rode every major ride we intended to ride! ๐Ÿ™‚
We got there right at opening and made the absolute most of it. I have to say, I think we did more in one day than many people can do in 2 or more.
Your plan gave us the biggest bang for our buck possible!!!
Everywhere we went we said, “Wow look at that line- We just rode that, how could the line be so big now?”ย  We felt like we had magic tickets to the park!
We overheard parents telling tier kids, “Sorry honey, 40 minute waits are just the way it is.” But not for us! We used our fast passes, we stuck to the plan, and when we found ourselves exhausted and ready to give up– a parade came by to entertain us (as per the schedule)- It was simply amazing!
We ended up leaving the park earlier than I had hoped (I wanted to stay for fireworks) but we did a solid 11 hours and I’m proud that I could give my family such an awesome experience.
Truly, I can’t thank you enough for your book and website, they helped us make all of our Disneyland dreams come true!

Amy Axtell – 6/16/2013