Color Companion to Walt Disney World – The Unofficial Guide


The Color Companion to Walt Disney World: The Unofficial GuideThe Color Companion to Walt Disney World – The Unofficial Guide with more than 600 full-color images proves that a picture is worth 1,000 words!  It is a unique visual guide that lets readers see how wet they’ll get on Splash Mountain®, what the crowd conditions are at different times of day in Fantasyland®, and how the parks are decked out for various holidays. Attractions and resorts are rated based on surveys of thousands of Walt Disney World® guests. The book is a perfect keepsake.

The Color Companion to Walt Disney World: The Unofficial Guide by Bob Sehlinger and Len Testa, comes to you from the creators of the Unofficial Guide Series and includes reviews of all the Walt Disney World® resorts, including pictures of the guest rooms, swimming pools, and resort themes.

Important facts to know about the Color Companion to Walt Disney World – The Unofficial Guide

  1. It Really Is a Companion While there’s some information that’s better communicated in prose, other information is best presented photographically. For example, photos of rooms or the pool at a Disney hotel are better than verbal descriptions. The 900-plus-page Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World is the most comprehensive guidebook in print to Disney’s Orlando empire. However, when it comes to visualizing something, there’s just no substitute for a good photo. So, to cover all the bases, the creators of The Unofficial Guide offer this companion guide.
  2. This Guide Has a Sense of Humor There is a plentiful assortment of dry, plodding travel guides for readers who would prefer to know how many rivets there are in a flying elephant than to have a good chuckle. As for this guide, the authors are all about providing excellent information  and having some fun. No useful information was sacrificed to make room for humor in the Companion. The authors nailed down the essential content first and then added artistic and humorous elements to make the Companion a zippier and more enjoyable read.
  3. Sometimes the Authors Will Pull the Readers Leg They might describe a fantasy resort that’s 100 feet underground with rock-chiseled furniture and an occasional mole in the guestrooms, or an octopus sandwich with tentacles everywhere and malevolent eyes peeking from between the buns. They’re pretty good at this, and sometimes might fool the reader for a minute. To make sure readers don’t call Disney reservations and attempt to book a room, or try to order the octopus sandwich at the theme park, there is a special icon to signal that the authors have taken a brief break from reality.
  4. It’s in the Genes The humor in this guide is totally consistent with the humor in The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. In fact, most of the humorous elements in The Color Companion to Walt Disney World originally appeared in the Big Book, though not in photographic form.


  1. Rachel November 23, 2014Reply

    I’d love to see pictures of the castle at night!

    • Liliane December 2, 2014Reply

      There is no lovelier sight than the castle at night, especially during the holiday season when it glows and glitters with a million lights.

  2. Melissa Borchardt December 9, 2014Reply

    I would love to see new pictures of Fantasy Land since I haven’t gotten to yet!

    • Liliane December 9, 2014Reply

      And the new Color Companion has them! Hope you get to visit soon.

  3. Tommy Obenrader December 14, 2014Reply

    I’d like to see a pic of the R&R cue area where you get in the stretch limo.

    • Liliane December 15, 2014Reply

      Love R&R and Aerosmith. I’m not a huge roller coaster fan but R&R is a must.

  4. pammieb December 14, 2014Reply

    I would love to see pics of the new haunted mansion shop and all the extra little disney touches

    • Liliane December 15, 2014Reply

      Yes, Memento Mori is a great new shop. I visited it last month and could not resist having my portrait done by Spirit Photography.

  5. kelly December 15, 2014Reply

    I’d love to see picures of details you might have overlooked in the parks

    • Liliane December 15, 2014Reply

      The parks have lots of small details that add to the magic. We love them too.

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