The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2016


Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2016The publication of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2016 is just around the corner and we are celebrating with a GIVEAWAY!

But first more about the new edition. Most guide books do a reasonably good job with what and where but the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World adds the how and why!  We reveal the travel industry’s inner workings. The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2016 tells readers how to use the insights, helps select and purchase travel; and best of all the provides real planning strategies.

What’s NEW in the 2016 edition of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2016?

  • A simple chart describing the Disney Vacation you can get for $500, $1,000, and $1,500, including theme park admission, dining, and lodging options, for families of all different sizes
  • A step-by-step timeline showing when to book your hotel room, make restaurant reservations, get Fastpasses, and send room requests to your hotel, to save time and money
  • A list of the most important rides to make advance Fastpass+ reservations before you leave home, and which can wait until you’re in the parks
  • How to meet Frozen’s Anna & Elsa with a minimum of fuss
  • How to save big on Disney’s Memory Maker photo packages
  • The most common Magic Band questions and answers
  • Five simple ways to save $500 on your next trip
  • Where to rent strollers for maximum convenience and savings

About the authors: Bob Sehlinger, a Lowell Thomas Award-winning journalist, is best known as the creator and producer of The Unofficial Guide series. Len Testa, a lifelong Disney theme park fan is also co-author of The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland, the Disney Cruise Line and The Color Companion to Walt Disney World. Len leads the team at, the website and research arm of The Unofficial Guides.

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  1. Tracy H. July 13, 2015Reply

    My family’s favorite attraction is The Haunted Mansion. Seeing all the incarnations of THM worldwide is on my bucket list.

    • Liliane July 13, 2015Reply

      We too love the Haunted Mansion. Going on a quest to see them worldwide is a great idea!

  2. Naomi July 13, 2015Reply

    You know, that is a really difficult question to answer… There are just so many great attractions there! My son says Star Tours.

    • Liliane July 13, 2015Reply

      I love Star Tours and do ride it every time I visit. Can’t wait for more Star Wars rides. A land, an entire Star Wars land.

  3. Stan Stinson July 13, 2015Reply

    Just being on Main Street USA and enjoying being there.

    • Liliane July 13, 2015Reply

      Walt would love that comment very much. My first stop on Main Street is the bakery to check on the latest caramel apple creations.

  4. Katie July 13, 2015Reply

    Man, it’s hard to name just one! I think I’m going to have to go with Expedition Everest. On its own it’s an amazing roller coaster with lots of great drops and excitement. But then they take it to the next level by fully immersing you in the story of climbing Mt Everest. It’s such a complete experience.

    • Liliane July 13, 2015Reply

      It is a great ride Katie. My favorite AK ride is Kali River Rapids. I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to roller coasters 🙂

  5. Ashley Burgan July 13, 2015Reply

    I love the rock n roller coaster! So much fun!!

    • Liliane July 14, 2015Reply

      Rock On! Yeah for the ‘bad boys from Boston’

  6. Kayla Allen July 14, 2015Reply

    My favorite is either Rock’n Roller Coaster or Space Mountain! I love how fast they go!

    • Liliane July 14, 2015Reply

      My vote would go for Rock’n Roller Coaster as I am an big Aerosmith fan. So since I am a bit of a roller coaster wimp, I need the music for comfort 🙂

  7. Beth D. July 14, 2015Reply

    I LOVE the Haunted Mansion. There are so many details throughout the attraction that you have to experience it several times to really see everything!

    • Liliane July 14, 2015Reply

      I hope that when Walt Disney World celebrates the next big anniversary (50th in 2021) we also get a Top Hat Ghost.

  8. Janet July 15, 2015Reply

    My favorite attraction is the Haunted Mansion. I prefer it in Disney World over Disneyland.

    • Liliane July 22, 2015Reply

      That’s interesting. I love the DL version especially at Halloween. Maybe WDW should give the Halloween decoration of the Mansion a try. What do you think?

      • Thomas October 12, 2015Reply

        That’s a very very bad idea

        • Liliane October 12, 2015Reply

          It’s just an idea but I see your point. We should not duplicate all experiences that make one or the other park special.

  9. LaTia July 15, 2015Reply

    Our favorite attraction is Spaceship Earth. We love history and enjoy seeing it presented in such an awesome way.

  10. Cheyenne Robinson July 15, 2015Reply

    My favorite attraction would have to be The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh; I’ve been in love with Tigger since I first saw Winnie the Pooh, so bouncing with him is lots of fun. The ride does a wonderful job of capturing the essence of all the Winne the Pooh crew.

    • Liliane July 22, 2015Reply

      I hope kids still love the ride in years to come. I love the bouncing too and it just the ride amount of bouncing for little ones not to get scared.

  11. Allison July 15, 2015Reply

    We haven’t yet taken out family to WDW, but my favorite attraction from my childhood was Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom, Spaceship Earth at Epcot, and the Tower of Terror at MGM. I can’t choose just one!

    • Liliane July 17, 2015Reply

      You do not have to pick one. Thank you for sharing your favorites in MK, Epcot and the Studios. I hope you get to visit soon so you may tell us what your favorite is at the Animal Kingdom.

  12. Kristin July 18, 2015Reply

    I really enjoy Living With the Land at Epcot, great ride to get out of the heat and relax!

    • Liliane July 20, 2015Reply

      It sure is a fabulous ride. I once took the Behind the Seeds tour and liked that a lot.

  13. Zach July 20, 2015Reply

    I have always had a love of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, but it would be hard to exclude The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress. But this is also Space Mountain! Who am I kidding, I love it all!

    • Liliane July 20, 2015Reply

      Love it all is a great approach!

  14. Phil July 20, 2015Reply

    I love Soarin’. The sensation of flight and the smell of oranges!

  15. Greg July 20, 2015Reply

    Haunted Mansion. The theming on this ride is classic Disney but what puts it above the other rides is the multilayered story and ride styles that change during the ride from creepy to fun.

    • Liliane July 20, 2015Reply

      The Haunted Mansion is one of my favorites too. I love it especially at Halloween when a ‘ghost’ is on the lawn.

  16. James July 20, 2015Reply

    My favorite attraction this trip was Space Mountain

    • Liliane July 20, 2015Reply

      Space Mountain is amazing. Did you know that when it shuts down the lights go on inside and you can see the ride by going on the Peoplemover?

  17. Keltie McGregor July 20, 2015Reply

    My favourite attraction is Haunted Mansion. No matter which coast I am on, that is my favourite rise of all time.

    • Liliane July 20, 2015Reply

      I love the ride best on the West Coast, especially during Halloween.

  18. Alan D'Arcy July 20, 2015Reply

    My favourite attraction is probably Tower of Terror

    • Liliane July 20, 2015Reply

      When you visit next time have a look at the poster promoting a show in the hotel “by Anthony Fremont.” It is the name of a 6-year-old boy in a 1961 episode of The Twilight Zone. The little boy used telepathic powers to terrorize neighbors. I love all the attention to details.

    • Liliane July 20, 2015Reply

      Did you notice that from outside the building, the windows of the hotel gift shop (the ride’s gift shop for us common mortals) is still decorated for the Halloween of 1939 when the hotel was struck by lightning?

  19. Brent July 20, 2015Reply

    I think it is impossible to pick one favorite attraction. My two favorites are Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

    • Liliane July 20, 2015Reply

      I love the Nikon photo spot for those not riding and love to watch the train roll through the mountain.

  20. Brian July 20, 2015Reply

    It’s always been the Haunted Mansion. Scared me as a little kid… love it now. IMO it’s the greatest dark ride ever done. It’s usually my first ride when we get there and the last before we leave.

    • Liliane July 21, 2015Reply

      Cool, I also never go to the park without riding Haunted Mansion.

  21. Jen S July 20, 2015Reply

    Tower of Terror. The themeing that immerses you into the story and the ride of definite terror. Love

    • Liliane July 21, 2015Reply

      LOL I love “definite terror”, it sure is.

  22. Bridget July 22, 2015Reply

    My favorite has to be Pirates of the Caribbean. The special memories from the smell of the queue line to the boat ride and great lines “we wants the red head”. It’s nostalgic and a must ride every trip!

    • Liliane July 22, 2015Reply

      Always ride it too. Love the attention to detail like the hair on the leg of the pirate when the boat goes under the bridge!

  23. VBChristyMI July 28, 2015Reply

    Oh, should be an easy question, but it’s not. Soaring might be my general all time favorite. My favorite with my toddler son is the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh because he just loves it! And is food an attraction? Because I loving the theming and dining at Disney World restaurants!

    • Liliane July 29, 2015Reply

      That is an awesome answer. How can one attraction be the one and only? And yes the memories we have of a ride with our kids are always the best!

  24. gregS July 30, 2015Reply

    I love them all but if I had to pick one is would be Toy Story Mania

    • Liliane August 4, 2015Reply

      Toy Story Mania is a great ride and I hope that the sequels to the movies will stay true to the great quality we saw in the films already released.

  25. Juan August 3, 2015Reply

    Dear Liliane, do you know when will the kindle version of Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2016 be available. Tks

    • Liliane August 4, 2015Reply

      Dear Juan, the kindle version should be up on Amazon by end of August. Thank you so much for your interest in The Unofficial Guides. Have a Magical Day, Liliane

  26. Tonya C August 9, 2015Reply

    My favorite attraction has to be Jungle Cruise. All that dry wit! Last time we went it was Jingle Cruise … BONUS! 🙂

    • Liliane August 11, 2015Reply

      Jungle Cruise is an old-time favorite of many visitors and indeed very funny.

  27. Thomas August 9, 2015Reply

    Haunted Mansion is my favorite!

    • Liliane August 11, 2015Reply

      We love Haunted Mansion too. Wish we would get a Nightmare Before Christmas decoration like Disneyland does.

  28. Janine March 16, 2016Reply

    I just got back from Disney on Saturday night. It was my first time going back in 12 years or so… The last time I had gone was in 2004. I was wondering when Nickelodeon Studios closed at Universal. It was open the last time I was there but it is not open now.
    My favorite rides are as follows:
    Magic Kingdom Splash Mountain
    Epcot Mission Space
    Hollywood Studios Tower Of Terror ( did not go on that this trip but it remains one of my over all favorites)
    Harry Potter Hogesmeade Flight Of The Hippogriff
    Animal Kingdom Killimanjaro Safaris

    • Liliane March 18, 2016Reply

      Thanks for sharing your favorite rides at Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando.The Nickelodeon Studios closed on April 30, 2005.

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