Disney River Cruise with Adventures by Disney

Erin Foster, coauthor of The Unofficial Guide to Disney Cruise Line, just returned from an Adventures by Disney river cruise on the Rhine River. She took a week-long voyage with her college-age daughter and packed a lot into a seven-night sailing trip. Here is her report!

Disney river cruise

Windmills in Amsterdam

A Disney river cruise can be a great alternative to ocean cruising for travelers who are susceptible to motion sickness. River cruises are orders of magnitude calmer than even the gentlest ocean voyage. River cruising is also a terrific option if you want more time in ports, fewer sea days (there are none on a river cruise), or if you want to explore central Europe.

Canoeing through a lock in a village in Alsace

On many of the river cruise stops you’re docked within walking distance of the port’s attractions. It’s easy to explore on your own, and you’re welcome to do so, but one nice feature of a Disney river cruise is that every day there is a selection of port excursions that are included with your cruise fee. Unlike an ocean voyage on Disney Cruise Line, the port offerings are part of your booking fee, so it’s no extra indulgence to participate.

Touring castle of Heidelberg

Though the river cruise port adventure offerings are not as numerous as those on an ocean cruise, there is enough variety to appeal to most guests. Selections include history-based excursions like museum, cathedral, or castle tours; physical activities such as hikes, bike rides, zip-lining, horseback riding, or canoe trips; food exploration like a visit to a chocolate museum, a macaron baking lesson, a pub crawl, or a wine tasting; or cultural activities like concerts or walking tours.

Wine tasting

Lesson in cuckoo whistle making

Of course, with a Disney river cruise, every port has options that are appropriate and appealing for children and teens, as well as their parents and grandparents.


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