Let’s Play Magic Kingdom Disney Trivia

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Covid-19 might have ruined your trip to the theme parks, and even have put your long-awaited cruise on hold, but the parks and the magic will be still be there and ready for you once we have overcome this challenge. For now, the most important matter is that you and your loved ones, as well as all cast members, are staying healthy.

Magic Kingdom Trivia

To get us all through these coming weeks we will be posting all kinds of stories that, hopefully, will bring some smiles to your faces, right inside your homes. 

We will have giveaways, Disney trivia games, and recipes. We will talk about our favorite movies and theme park characters, share some Disney and Universal history, and, most of all, stay in touch. 

So how about we start with a Magic Kingdom Disney Trivia game? Send your answers to liliane@adventurewithkeen.com by midnight of March 31st and please do sign up for our newsletter here for your chance to win this Disney Classics Little Golden Books Library, a collection of five of the most beloved Disney stories. This boxed set features Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, The Lion King, Alice in Wonderland, and The Jungle Book.

Magic Kingdom Disney Trivia Questions

  1. In 2021 Tomorrowland is debuting a new ride. On what movie series is that ride based? 
    a. Star Wars b. Avengers c. Tron d. Avatar
  2. Which princess does not meet guests at the Magic Kingdom? 
    a. Belle b. Ariel c. Rapunzel d. Elsa
  3. Whom does Princess Tiana marry in The Princess and the Frog
    a. Prince Eric b. Prince Naveen c. Prince Charming d. Prince Philip 
  4. What body of water does the Liberty Belle Riverboat travel?
    a. The Sassagoula River b. Seven Seas Lagoon c. The Rivers of America  d. Echo Lake 
  5. Which character does not meet guests at Pete’s Silly Sideshow? 
    a. Mickey b. Minnie c. Donald d. Daisy 
  6. What was the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel formerly called?
    a. Merida’s Wild Ride b. Ariel’s Carrousel Under the Sea c. Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel d. Prince Eric’s Royal Carrousel 
  7. Who plays Madame Leota in the Haunted Mansion movie? 
    a. Jennifer Tilly b. Demi Moore c. Raquel Aless  d. Eva Mendes 
  8. What is inside Beast’s Castle? 
    a. A store b. A ride c. A restaurant d. A show
  9. Which attraction is inspired by the movie Song of the South
    a. It’s a Small World b. Splash Mountain c. Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room d. Country Bear Jamboree 
  10. What is the name of the attraction that opened in 2014 at Fantasyland? 
    a. Pete’s Silly Sideshow b. Ariel’s Grotto c. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train d. Casey Jr. Splash ’N’ Soak Station 

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