Secrets of Universal Orlando: The Incredible Hulk Coaster Gamma Tour

Incredible Hulk Coaster

The towering green loops of the Incredible Hulk Coaster have been icons of Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure since the park opened, but few guests know about an unadvertised experience inside the queue that’s nearly as thrilling for True Believers as the ride itself. Join the Unofficial Guides on our latest look at the free tours at Universal Orlando as we explore the Incredible Hulk Coaster Gamma Tour.

Please note that due to Covid-19 the behind-the-scenes “secret tours” are currently suspended.

Discover Marvel Comics Easter eggs and more during Universal Orlando’s free Incredible Hulk Coaster Gamma Tour. (Photos/video by Seth Kubersky)

Several attractions at Universal Orlando offer tours that give select guests a glimpse behind the scenes, but the Incredible Hulk Coaster Gamma Tour is somewhat different in that it only visits the normal queue that’s accessible to all. However, because all loose articles are strictly forbidden on this ride, a Gamma Tour is the only way to enter the queue with a camera or phone.

Like the other “secret” tours at Universal, the Incredible Hulk Coaster Gamma Tour is completely free for all guests, but availability is dependent on staffing and never guaranteed. Ask the greeter outside the attraction if a Gamma Tour is possible; if you are in luck, you’ll be led up the exit and into the interior queue, bypassing the usual metal detectors.

The first highlight of the Hulk Coaster Gamma Tour is the “Gamma Core,” a glowing 3-foot-wide ball that is the largest plasma sphere in North America.

You’ll also get a good look at these kinetic sculptures, which represent Gamma-irradiated Hulk DNA.

For Marvel fans, the best part of the Gamma Tour is the opportunity to examine these signs and bulletin boards, which are packed with Easter eggs referencing classic comic characters and their real-life creators.

Of course, Stan “The Man” Lee gets several shout-outs, as do fellow authors Len Wien and Steve Ditko. There are even references to the campy 1980s television show starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno.

Once you reach the load platform, you’ll be treated to an up-close view of the coaster rolling out of the station.

Finally, as you exit the tour, keep an eye open for some funny signage that most guests never see.

Now, take a virtual Incredible Hulk Coaster Gamma Tour with us by watching this video:

For even more information about the Incredible Hulk Coaster, watch this interview with Universal Creative senior designer Greg Hall:

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