Secrets of Universal Orlando: Men In Black Immigration Tour

Men In Black Immigration Tour twins

You may have blasted a billion bugs and earned a closet full of black suits, but you haven’t truly experienced Universal Studios Florida’s classic Men In Black Alien Attack attraction until you’ve been eye-to-eye with its animatronic inhabitants. Today, we’re continuing our look at “secret” unadvertised tours at Universal Orlando with the one that started them all: the Men In Black Immigration Tour.

Men In Black Alien Attack Universal Studios Florida
Suit up for a “secret” Immigration Tour of the Men In Black Alien Attack attraction at Universal Studios Florida. (Photos/Video by Seth Kubersky)

Please note that due to COVID-19 the behind-the-scenes “secret tours” are currently suspended.

Men In Black Immigration Tour

Like the other backstage tours at Universal, Men In Black Alien Attack’s Immigration Tour is completely free for all guests, but availability is dependent on staffing and never guaranteed. Ask the greeter outside the attraction if an Immigration Tour is possible; you’ll be directed to enjoy the ride as usual and then notify the team member at the unload station that you’re looking for the tour.

You may be asked to wait upstairs near the child swap lounge until a number of other guests have gathered. Once a tour guide is available, you’ll be led downstairs though an employee-only area, then allowed inside the lower level of the large room that guests in the queue pass above.

This space is a remarkable re-creation of the control room featured in the Men In Black films, and it features full-size animatronic figures of Bweryang and Bob, the tentacled twins.

During the Immigration Tour, you can also get an intimate look at the room’s other details, including inside jokes on the newspapers and other paperwork placed on the desks.

Don’t miss these pages from the screenplay of the original Men In Black film, which is marked as a “cover story.”

Best of all, guests who take the Immigration Tour get to leave their mark on the attraction by signing this logbook of interplanetary visitors.

Before ending your Immigration Tour, you can snap a photo on these space-age seats, which are a lot more fun to look at than to sit on.

You can enjoy the Men In Black Immigration Tour from whatever galaxy you happen to be in by watching this video:

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