Magic Kingdom’s Hall of Presidents Reopens with President Biden

Walt Disney World's Hall of Presidents Welcomes President Biden

The Unofficial Guide welcomes the newest animatronic chief executive to one of Walt Disney World’s oldest attractions, as the Magic Kingdom’s Hall of Presidents reopens with the addition of President Biden.

Disney Hall of Presidents Biden
President Biden has joined his predecessors at Walt Disney World’s recently reopened Hall of Presidents attraction. (Photos/videos by Seth Kubersky)

Liberty Square’s Hall of Presidents was an opening-day attraction at Walt Disney World, but the patriotic presentation has been updated more often than any other show in the Magic Kingdom’s history. That’s because every time the occupant of the White House changes, the lineup of Audio-Animatronic presidents featured in the attraction’s finale is increased by one.

Most recently, the Hall of Presidents shut down in January on Inauguration Day and reopened to guests on August 4 with a brand-new likeness of President Joseph Biden standing in the prime position, just stage-right of Abraham Lincoln.

President Biden closes out the new version of the Hall of Presidents by reciting the oath of office, just as his last four predecessors have done. However, he does not make a speech as recent Presidents have, and the curtain swiftly drops shortly after Biden’s “so help me God.”

The remainder of the show—which includes a wide-screen historical film and an appearance by Abraham Lincoln reading his Gettysburg Address—leading up to President Biden’s appearance remains exactly the same as it was during the previous administration. And in case you were wondering, the 45th President is still present, now sporting a more accurate facial sculpt and standing in the back row.

Here’s a recording of the ending of the new Hall of Presidents featuring President Biden:

For comparison, here’s a video from the previous Hall of Presidents finale:

What do you think of the updated Hall of Presidents? Is it a must-see on your next trip to the Magic Kingdom, or will you only stop in if you need a nap? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Annie Long August 26, 2021Reply

    This entire concept is ‘space-otic’ to use my wife’s made-up word for creepily futuristic. Are these beings a prelude to cyborgs, maybe? I can only imagine alien intelligence discovering this display after humans have all succumbed to various virus attacks. Amusing and chilling. The video is enough for now. Thanks, Seth!

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