Disney Caramel Apples, A Beloved Treat

Disney Caramel Apples—A Beloved Treat

Beautifully decorated, Disney Caramel Apples are a sweet treat for the entire family to enjoy. Caramel apples were the invention of Dan Walker, a Kraft employee. Dan had lots of caramel candies left over after Halloween and decided to melt them and cover apples with the melted caramel, making them an instant hit.

Disney Caramel Apples

Disney introduces caramel apples throughout the year for special holidays such as Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, and, of course, Halloween.

Disney Caramel Apples

New caramel apples appear regularly throughout the parks, themed for Pixar-Disney movies. These apples are some of the most creative snacks and make for great souvenirs. 

Disney Caramel Apples

The base for allaram caramel apples is a crisp, juicy, and slightly sour Granny Smith apple, a perfect match for the sweet add-ons. Did you know that the Granny Smith apple originates from Australia?

Delicious hand-dipped caramel apples are available at Main Street Confectionery, the Big Top Treats, the Candy Cauldron and at Goofy’s Candy Company at Disney Springs, as well as at Beverly Sunset at Disney’s Hollywood. At Epcot’s Karamell-Küche, you can get the more traditional caramel apple. 

Disney Caramel Apples

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