Space 220 Interstellar Dining at EPCOT

Space 220 — An Interstallar Meal Review

EPCOT’s Space-themed Restaurant 220 is the latest upscale restaurant at Walt Disney World and reviews are mixed.  While I agree that the food is less exciting than I expected it is definitively quite a few step above many other eateries.  The true problem here is that for a family (a couple, or even a single person) to go dine at Space 220 is simply excessively expensive. 

Located at World Discovery next to the Mission” SPACE attraction the eatery is accessed through a special “simulator elevator transport.” 

Space 220

Reservations for the dining room and lounge are difficult to get and if you did not snatch a reservation your best chance is to join a standby queue for one of the 10 coveted bar seats. Know that the only way to sit at the Space 220 bar is by joining a walk-up queue.  The queue is NOT virtual and if you leave your spot you won’t be able to join fellow hopefuls for a meal in space! When I visited I did not manage to get a reservation for Space 220. I decided to join the stand-by lunch queue and I was lucky that my wait was no longer than 45 minutes. However, those are 45 minutes out of your day touring EPCOT!

Space 220

When it was my time to check in for my flight to the Centauri Space Station I entered a waiting room and was handed a “space flight ticket.” Ten minutes later a special simulator elevator made sure I reached the station. I think that the elevator “flight” was the best experience of the entire visit. The “flight” up is slightly longer than the return to earth after your meal.

Before entering the dining room guests walk past a hydroponic space garden of spinning produce and a wine room leads to the bar, lounge and main dining room.

The restaurant is actually one huge open space with a giant window (250-foot digital screen) that offers daytime and nighttime views of Earth. A special sensor on top of the building is connected to the digital screen, and your views of Earth change depending on what time of day you dine. 

Space 220

The lounge has 15 tables, additional 10 seats are available at the bar, and there are 50 tables in the restaurant section of the Space 220. The best seats are the 22 window booths, each of which fit 4 people. These tables have the best views of what’s happening in space. 

The fine-dining Space 220 offers prix-fixed menus for lunch and dinner. If you sit at the bar you too can order those menus or order à la carte from a limited menu. Lunch includes an appetizer and an entrée ($55 per person for adults, $29 for children); dinner includes an appetizer, entrée, and dessert ($79 per adult, $29 per child). 

The American contemporary menu includes Neptune Tartare and Starry Calamari (appetizers), Flat Iron Steak and Roasted Free-Range Chicken, and salmon (main dishes).  When it comes to dessert try the Plant-Based Carrot Cake or the Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake. 

I dined at the bar and enjoyed an Atmospritz (New Amsterdam, Aperol, Blood Orange, Orange Juice, Prosecco, Cotton Candy Cloud) to start off my dining “in space.”

Space 220
Space 220

Starters at Space 220 are called Lift-Offs and I picked the  Neptune Tartare.  The Star Course a.k.a as the main course was a well prepared and dramatically served Galactic Salmon.  

I enjoyed the Lightyear Lemonade (served with a pack of Space 220 collectible trading cards, as do all non-alcoholic drinks).

The food, drinks, and service were great. If you want to dine with panoramic views of Earth as a backdrop, try this latest upscale interstellar restaurant. It is pricy, but the food is good and, of course, you pay for the experience.  

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