10 Things We Know About Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point

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Tammy Whiting, our Disney Cruise Line expert, is excited about spending time on Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point. Today, she shares with us 10 things she knows about the new island that guests will visit soon. Are you excited about Lookout Cay?

Tammy is booked on the very first preview cruise and hoping for a perfect weather day while she runs around taking pictures of every inch of it! The Unofficial Guides team doesn’t know everything about Lookout Cay yet, but here’s what Tammy has gathered so far.

1) Lookout Cay is not a private island. I have seen many people refer to Lookout Cay as Disney’s second private island, but it is not that. Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point is located on Eleuthera, an island in the Bahamas. Lookout Cay is on one side of the island, and there’s a population of several thousand residents that live in other parts of Eleuthera. Royal Caribbean has a similar setup in Labadee. I was skeptical about Labadee feeling private because Royal doesn’t own the entire island, but I was pleasantly surprised. I am sure Lookout Cay will feel the same. 

Lookout Cay

2) There are excursions that leave Lookout Cay. Several of the excursions that Disney has listed so far actually leave Lookout Cay for other parts of Eleuthera. That will really expand the offerings for guests who want more than a beach day!

3) Lookout Cay celebrates the culture of the Bahamas. The arrival point is called Mabrika Cove, and Disney says guests will be greeted in a warm Bahamian style. The main pavilion is called the Goombay Cultural Center, and it’s planned to be a vibrant, colorful space with traditional Bahamian music and festivities.

Lookout Cay

4) The cabanas are expensive. The cabana prices are here! And they are expensive—but I’m quite positive they will still sell like hotcakes. The concept art and the pictures people have managed to capture of construction (while sailing by) are impressive, as are the colorful roofs and interior space.

Prices of the Cabanas
Cabanas-Serenity Bay (Adults Only – Maximum Capacity 10): Price for up to 4 Guests: $523 (Ages 18 and up). The price for additional guests is $56 (Ages 18 and up) per person. Grand Serenity Cabana (Adults Only – Maximum Capacity 16): Price for up to 10 Guests: $963 (Ages 18 and up). The price for additional guests is $56 (Ages 18 and up) per person. Cabanas-Family Beach (Maximum Capacity 10, including infants): Price for up to 6 Guests: $963. The price for additional guests is $56 (Ages 3 and up) per person. Grand Family Cabana (Maximum Capacity 16, including infants): Price for up to 10 Guests: $1,375. The price for additional guests is $56 (Ages 3 and up) per person.

Lookout Cay

5) There are dedicated kids’ spaces again. Sebastian’s Cove is the kids’ club on the island and features a waterplay area based on The Little Mermaid, with kids-only dining and the wonderful Disney kids’ club counselors.

6) There is a splash zone. The Rush Out Gush Out waterplay area looks amazing! Or the concept art does, anyway. I’m sure the kiddos will love this space no matter how closely it resembles the concept art.

Lookout Cay

7) Serenity Bay is back. I love Serenity Bay on Castaway Cay, and I’m glad there will be a Serenity Bay at Lookout Cay as well! I’m super excited about a Grand Cabana there as well.  

8) We are having barbecue again. It’s a fact that barbecue tastes better on a beautiful island. On Lookout Cay, in addition to the adults-only BBQ on Serenity Bay, True-True BBQ will be at the restaurant on the family beach. I would expect similar offerings to those of Castaway Cay food-wise.

9) There are games. Not surprisingly, there will be more than just a beach to enjoy at Disney Lookout Cay. There will be a gaming pavilion, volleyball court, and other games to play for those who want to get up and move!

Lookout Cay

10) Lookout Cay opens in June 2024. The Magic will be the first ship to stop during a preview cruise on June 6th. The Fantasy will follow, with two stops there the next week before the Magic takes over for most of the visits in 2024.

About the author of the blog: Tammy Whiting is the coauthor of The Unofficial Guide to Disney Cruise Line. Blogger, Space Force wife, and mother of two, Tammy has been involved in the travel industry for more than 15 years. Though she certainly enjoys vacations of all kinds, her favorite adventures around the globe have been on cruise ships. Tammy spent five years of her childhood in Europe as a military brat and has been a military spouse for over 30 years, living in almost every corner of the US. When she isn’t traveling, you can find her enjoying her family, buying camera equipment, and planning her next trip! 

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