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    Walt Disney World Resort Hopping

    Walt Disney World Resort Hopping – Part I Walt Disney World resort hopping is a great activity to do on a day you are not planning on visiting the parks. This could be a good way of discovering new places on your arrival or departure day, a day when you would not want to waste a theme park ticket. It

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    Vietnam Veterans Memorial

    “The Wall,” as it is known, is a black, V-shaped rift in the earth, nearly 494 feet long and ranging from 8 inches tall at its outer edges to 10 feet tall at its center. The design competition for the memorial, which was open to the public, was won by Maya Lin, then a 21-year-old in her third year at Yale. Both her concept and

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    Las Vegas Lodging Choices

    With about 150,000 hotel rooms you can take your pick. Occupancy rates however are over 91% on weekends and average 84% for the whole week, compared to a national average of 62%. Most of the major hotels and casinos are in two areas: Downtown and on Las Vegas Boulevard, known as the Strip. Las Vegas Lodging Choices: Downtown versus Strip – this is

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    Disney World Swimming Pools

    Grand Tour of the Disney World Swimming Pools Walt Disney World resorts offer some of the most imaginative swimming facilities that you are likely to encounter anywhere. Exotically themed, beautifully landscaped, and equipped with slides, fountains, and smaller pools for toddlers Disney resort swimming complexes are a quantum leap removed from the typical rectangular hotel pool. Some resorts, such as

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    National Museum of American History

    After a two-year renovation, this irresistibly eclectic museum—affectionately nicknamed “the nation’s attic,” its entire collection tops 3 million items—gives full due to such treasures as the original 30-by-42-foot Star-Spangled Banner (the veteran of an eight-year conservation, it was one of the prime inspirations for the renovation and atrium-opening of the museum, and now has its own gallery on the second floor), the desk on which Thomas