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    Happy Hour Applies to More Than Indulging

    A different kind of Happy Hour A lot of places in Washington, D.C. have their own version of Happy Hour. The term typically applies to those precious hours right after the end of the business day for professionals to indulge in cheaper alcoholic drinks. However, in Washington, D.C. it has its own meaning. Sightseeing also offers its own set of

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    Tipping in Las Vegas

    Guidelines for tipping in Las Vegas Because about a third of the resident population of Las Vegas are service providers in the tourist industry, there is no scarcity of people to tip. From the day you arrive until the day you depart, you will be interacting with porters, cabbies, valet-parking attendants, bellhops, waiters, maître d’s, dealers, bartenders, keno runners, housekeeping personnel,

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    Best Las Vegas Shows

    Las Vegas calls itself the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” This is arguably true, particularly in terms of the sheer number of live-entertainment productions staged daily. On any given day in Las Vegas, a visitor can select from dozens of presentations, ranging from major production spectaculars to celebrity headliners, from comedy clubs to live music in lounges. Jubilee!, a full-blown Las

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    Dining Off-Strip Will Pay For Your Rental Car in Las Vegas

    Over the years, it has become evident that opening a restaurant in Las Vegas is on the bucket list of every celebrity chef. Already gathered at the oasis are Mario Batali, Todd English, Emeril Lagasse, Michael Mina, Charlie Palmer, Wolfgang Puck, Gordon Ramsay, Joël Robuchon, and Guy Savoy, among many others. Their haunts are all on the Strip, they’re all

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    Headed to Las Vegas? We’re Here to Help

    Headed to Las Vegas? If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas and you are a little overwhelmed by all the choices we suggest you check out The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas. The book provides everything you need and more, all with an eye for getting top value, saving time, and minimizing hassle. With the most restaurant, buffet, nightclub, and