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    Legoland – A Kingdom of Tiny Bricks Awaits!

    Legoland a paradise for kids 2–12 years old Legoland has one entire area, Miniland, filled with intricate models, made from the little plastic blocks. Here, reportedly more than 30 million bricks have been used to create themed areas including Washington, D.C., New York City, Las Vegas, a pirate display, Florida, and an homage to the Star Wars franchise. Artisans termed master model

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    Enjoying Nature In and Around Washington, D.C.

    By Renee Sklarew Summer is an important time to get kids outside, according to Michael Oberschneider, a well-known Washington, D.C.-area psychologist who specializes in studying the effects of screen time on kids. Here are some parks in our region that will engage your kids and teach them to appreciate nature. Top 10 Places to Enjoy Nature In and Around Washington, D.C. Antietam National

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    Rainy Days at Walt Disney World

    When it rains it pours in Orlando, especially during the summer months, but the daily downpours should not deter you. Many people will exit the parks, leaving them a lot emptier for you to enjoy.Besides, leaving the parks is no fun during such mass exodus as it will be hard to get on the busses or the tram to the

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    10 Things to Do on Your Disney Cruise Line Day at Sea

    Erin Foster, coauthor of The Unofficial Guide to Disney Cruise Line, shares with us 10 things to do on your Disney Cruise Line day at sea. Novice Disney cruisers are often intimidated by the term “Day at Sea.” They can’t imagine how they’ll fill an entire day floating around in the ocean. But the opposite situation is more likely to occur.

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    Animal Kingdom Shows

    Two of the best live shows at Disney World are held several times daily at the Animal Kingdom. The park is in the southwest corner of Walt Disney World and is not too far from the Coronado Springs Resort, which is host to many conventions. If you are a visitor with limited time, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a perfect choice. You