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    National Museum of American History

    After a two-year renovation, this irresistibly eclectic museum—affectionately nicknamed “the nation’s attic,” its entire collection tops 3 million items—gives full due to such treasures as the original 30-by-42-foot Star-Spangled Banner (the veteran of an eight-year conservation, it was one of the prime inspirations for the renovation and atrium-opening of the museum, and now has its own gallery on the second floor), the desk on which Thomas

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    New York-New York Hotel Las Vegas

    A review of the New York-New York Hotel Las Vegas by Bob Sehlinger When it opened in 1997, this architecturally imaginative hotel-casino set a new standard for the realization of Las Vegas mega-resort themes.  The guest rooms are in a series of distinct towers reminiscent of a mini–Big Apple skyline, including the Empire State, Chrysler, and Seagram Buildings. Though the buildings

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    Coolest Summer Ever – Keeping cool at Disney

    How to have the Coolest Summer Ever Summer is just around the corner, so let’s talk about how to stay cool when visiting Walt Disney World. Temperatures easily rise into the high 90sF, and many guests are not used to walking for miles under the scorching Florida sun. First, start your touring day early. Be at the gates half an hour

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    National Zoo a Stunner of a Zoo

    The National Zoo is an absolute stunner of a zoo, emphasizing the animals’ natural environments so that many roam in large enclosures instead of pacing in cages. Two main paths link the many building and exhibits: Olmstead Walk, which passes all the animal houses, and the steeper Valley Trail, which includes all the aquatic exhibits. They add up to about

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    Las Vegas Shopping – The Quiet Contender

    Las Vegas Shopping – The Quiet Contender A few years back, the big buzz was Las Vegas as a family destination. Insiders understood, however, that all the talk was just that. At most, the family thing was a public relations exercise to make Las Vegas appear more wholesome. It was tacitly understood that the big dogs would never allow theme