Step Away From the Beltway – Part 1


Step Away from the Beltway – Part 1

Traveling to Washington, D.C. can be hectic, especially if you stay on the beltway. Next time you visit Washington, D.C. (or your first visit if you can spare enough time), try heading out of the city. Over the next few days, we’ll give you some options to get out of the city and explore the surrounding areas.


Step Away from the Beltway - Part 1

Annapolis Harbor

Annapolis is one of the biggest yachting centers in the U.S., welcoming over 10,000 boats a year. Try taking a harbor cruise to see what Annapolis really has to offer. The capital of Maryland for more than 300 years, this quaint little town has become quite the weekend getaway for Washington residents. Visiting Annapolis can mean seeing sailboats, pleasure boats, cruise ships, crab boats, and more.

Home to the U.S. Naval Academy and St. John’s, there’s plenty of rivalry in Annapolis. The sport of choice between the two is croquet with a high-level match taking place every year at St. John’s. This year marks the 32nd match between the schools with St. John’s having won the majority of the matches.

Annapolis also has its historical side for visitors to explore. From State Circle down to the harbor has become more upscale in the last few years with fine restaurants, fancy shops, bars, and jazz clubs. The Bannekerper-Douglass Museum documents the history of African Americans in Maryland with a reproduction of the Sept. 29, 1767 newspaper notice advertising a shipment of slaves that included Kunta Kinte. The Annapolis Maritime Museum operates tours of the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse as well.

Photo credit: By Peretz Partensky from San Francisco, USA (Annapolis Harbor  Uploaded by russavia) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

We cover Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens in a bloogpost and for more interesting suggestions check out Eve Zibart’s book the Unofficial Guide to Washington D.C. 


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