Where to find the Best Burgers in Las Vegas


Best BurgersLas Vegas tourism continues to rebound, with expansion at a rate not seen since before the recession. Old players and new investors are pumping money into new ideas both on The Strip and Downtown, intent on providing tourists with new sights and experiences.

Even frequent visitors are almost guaranteed to find something new on their next trip to town. There’s no sign of the expansion slowing down anytime soon. And the dining scene continues to keep pace with the growth.

The Downtown Las Vegas revival flourishes, thanks in no small part to Zappos founder Tony Hsieh and his Downtown Project. The group made a big splash with the opening of its Container Park outdoor recreation area, which is home to several dining hot spots. However, the Strip is still where most of the action is, and the big move recently has been toward spots that are accessible directly from the street without actually entering a casino.

Mario Batali and Bobby Flay have seized some sidewalk real estate—both for burger joints. Batali and his partner Joe Bastianich bring us yet another gourmet burger spot with B&B Burger & Beer at the Venetian. Bobby’s Burger Palace at CityCenter, on the other hand, offers a more casual spin on the burger.

From cost-effective buffets to upscale restaurants of celebrity chefs such as Alain Ducasse (MIX at Mandalay Bay), Hubert Keller (Fleur and Burger Bar, both at Mandala Bay), Todd English (Olives at Bellagio and English P.U.B. at Crystals) and Daniel Bouloud (DB Brasserie at the Venetian) there are plenty of culinary offerings in Las Vegas.Best burgers

Best burgers to be had

But what if you really have craving for a good burger? Fear not, there are plenty of choices here too and we are not talking Burger King. There are so many choices that Bob Sehlinger, author of the Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas, went on a fact finding mission for USA Today.  According to Bob there are so many burger joints in Vegas that you can get your burger fix at a different place for both lunch and dinner for a month without repeating. In his article Cheeseburger and pair of dice: Vegas’ best burger bets, Bob tell us where he found the best burgers in Las Vegas. He has it all covered, from the best chains to the upscale burger eateries with a $40-and-up price range. And while he pokes some – well deserved – fun at the latest craze over the opening of a White Castle burger joint in Las Vegas, I invite you to check out his recommendations.


In his book The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas, Bob Sehlinger offers detailed reviews of over more than 70 restaurants. Order your copy NOW.

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