Craps – A Circus of Sound and Movement


CrapsPlaying Craps in Las Vegas

No matter how many books you have read, take a lesson in craps before you try to play in a casino. Also take advantage of the free lessons offered by some of the casinos. Once you understand the game, you will be able to make the most favorable bets and ignore the rest. Gambling is the reason Las Vegas (in its modern incarnation) exists. It is the industry that fuels the local economy, paves the roads, and gives the city its identity. To visitors and tourists, gambling may be a game. To those who derive their livelihood from gambling, however, it is serious business.

Of all the games offered in a casino, craps is by far the fastest and, to many, the most exciting. It is a game in which large amounts of money can be won or lost in a short amount of time. The craps table is a circus of sound and movement. A social game, yelling, screaming, and high-fiving are allowed—even encouraged—here, and the frenetic betting is bewildering to the uninitiated. Don’t be intimidated, however; the basic game of craps is easy to understand. The confusion and insanity have more to do with the pace of the game and the amazing number of betting possibilities than with the complexity of the game itself.

Best Place to Play Craps in Las Vegas

CrapsAfter a year’s hiatus, Casino Royale is again dealing 100X odds at craps. There are two tables, and the minimum bet is $5. Realistically, it’s not something that means a lot to the average player, as not many bet $5 and back it up with $500 odds, but you can if you want to, and it’s a one-and-only in Las Vegas.

Want to give it a try? Bob Sehlinger, author of The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas, shares his tips for playing craps in this article for USA Today.

About the author: Bob Sehlinger, a Lowell Thomas Award-winning journalist, is best known as the creator and producer of The Unofficial Guide series. He is founder and co-owner of AdventureKEEN, a book publishing company that includes Menasha Ridge Press, Clerisy Press, The Unofficial GuideWilderness Press, and Adventure Publications. He lives in Birmingham, AL.

Casine Royale photo courtesy of Markyboy81 ([1]) CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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