Best Disney Deals on a Caribbean Cruise


Best Disney Deals — Our Tips on How to Get the Best Bang for your Buck

The Best Disney Deals are not necessarily found on land only. Here are the best Disney Deals when sailing the Caribbean with The Mouse.

SensesSpa1Rainforest at Senses Spa (Dream and FantasyAt around $25 per day, this is a must-do. Only a limited number of passes are sold per cruise, so make a point of buying your pass soon after boarding. Because of the limits on how many passes are sold (we’ve heard 20 per cruise), there are many times when you’ll have the entire Rainforest to yourself. This is the ultimate in quiet relaxation for adults, and a total bargain at that. The package is also available at Senses Spa on the Magic and Vista Spa on the Wonder (about $16 per day), but the smaller Rainforest area means that you’re more likely to have company, and the number of showers and saunas is a little disappointing if you’ve ever experienced the spa on the larger ships. Try the body scrubs (extra charge) at least once.

Bicycles on Castaway Cay These wheels cost $10 per hour and make getting around the island a breeze. But more than that, they’re fun for the whole family. Between riding out to the observation tower (off the airstrip) for a great view of the island and getting to your destination on the island faster than the tram can get you there, this decision is as easy as riding a . . . well, you know.

PaloPalo A quiet, no-rush brunch or dinner for adults with great service and food for $30 plus gratuity? Heck, yeah! Let’s face it: Your kids are probably ready to spend some time away from you, too. Come for the food; linger for the atmosphere. Dress up and remember that a meal this good would cost several times as much on shore.

Adult-beverage tastings For around $15, you’re treated to several wines, liquors, or cocktails. (Remember: No one is spitting out the spirits, and they can sneak up on you, so try to eat something first.) We’ve been lucky enough to be the only participants on a few occasions, allowing us to really interact with the guides. Our favorite is the Champagne tasting, but we haven’t been let down by any of them. One author discovered a new favorite wine during a tasting at Meridian on the Fantasy. Another time, we were asked, “How would you like to try the most expensive whiskey we sell?” Our reply: “Yes, please!”

 Best Disney DealsCastaway Ray’s Stingray Adventure This is both less expensive and better organized than stingray encounters in other ports. It’s a winner with kids ($36) and adults ($45). There’s no time wasted getting back and forth to your port adventure because it’s on Castaway Cay—just show up at the ray area at your appointed time, and have fun.

And One Freebie

Castaway Cay 5K This port adventure is free, and you get the moral superiority of knowing you’ve gotten in your exercise for the day while being among the first to exit the ship at the island. There are race bibs and plastic medals, and the whole family can join in. Try to beat your Castaway Cay personal best every time you come to the island.

For more great deals on a Disney Caribbean Cruise check out The Unofficial Guide Disney Cruise Line 2016 by Len Testa, Erin Foster, Laurel Stewart, and Ritchey Halphen.


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