Ratatouille Ride Coming to Epcot


Entrance to Ratatouille ride in Paris

Ratatouille, a 3-D dark ride that uses trackless vehicles was announced for the France pavilion during this weekend’s D23 convention. The new attraction is based on the 2007 Disney-Pixar animated film Ratatouille. No opening date was announced.

The ride will resemble pretty much the one that is currently delighting guests at Disneyland Paris and will be built in an area past the Eiffel Tower.

Here is what to expect: The exterior of the attraction is Gusteau’s, a restaurant under new management after the death of renowned Chef Auguste Gusteau. As guests enter the ride, they are in a queuing area that looks like the rooftops of Paris. Next, they are loaded into rat-shaped vehicles (or rat mobiles); after being shrunk to the size of rats and donning 3-D glasses, they take off through familiar scenes from the film.

Soon guests find themselves, together with Rémy and the ghost of Chef Gusteau, on the glass roof of the chic Parisian restaurant. Suddenly everybody falls through the glass and crashes onto the restaurant’s kitchen floor. A crazy chase begins. Rémy leads the riders away from Chef Skinner and his kitchen staff who are trying to harm them. As they are trying to avoid being caught, the group ends up in the cold room, back into the kitchen, and eventually into the dining room. The scene turns into complete chaos when the riders are discovered by the restaurant customers. After a hot pursuit—and with the help of Alfredo Linguini, a young garbage boy—everybody is brought to safety by escaping through the vents.

The ride ends at Bistrot Chez Rémy, where guests are bid farewell by Rémy, the ghost of Gusteau, and an entire rat colony.

The attraction will most likely offer Fastpass+ and single rider access. The ride has no height restrictions, but it may frighten very young children. We can’t wait for Ratatouille to open. Are you excited about the new attraction? We would love to hear from you.

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