Enjoy Adults-Only Experiences on Disney Wonder

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Erin Foster, coauthor of The Unofficial Guide to Disney Cruise Line, recently sailed with her family on the Disney Wonder. With all three of her daughters now over the age of 18, they for the first time enjoyed many adults-only experiences together. Here is her report!

Disney Cruise Line ships are much lauded for their appeal for children, and rightfully so. Disney Cruise Line’s kids’ clubs are practically paradise for youngsters. But don’t let Disney’s expertise with children give you the mistaken impression that there’s nothing for adults to enjoy on a Disney Cruise ship. Much to the contrary, adults can take advantage of numerous spaces and activities designed just for them.

Adult Dining on Disney Wonder 

The Disney Dream and Fantasy each have an adults-only restaurant called Remy onboard, and all four Disney ships have an adults-only restaurant called Palo. Open for brunch and dinner, Palo specializes in Italian delicacies. We enjoyed both the brunch buffet and the menu-based dinner on this sailing.

 Adults-Only Experiences on Disney Cruise Line

Adult Beverage Classes

My oldest daughter is over 21, so she was able to join me for a few of the adult beverage tastings onboard. We enjoyed a class on tequila and margaritas (given by one of the ship’s bartenders), as well as an extremely thorough lesson on varieties of champagne (given by one of the ship’s sommeliers). Other possible tastings included whiskey, cognac, mixology, beer, and wines.

Getting Our Caffeine Fix at the Adults-Only
Coffee Bar

Each of the Disney ships includes a specialty coffee bar available only
to grown-ups.

Lounging at the Adult Pool of the Disney Wonder 

All the Disney ships have pools reserved solely for the use of guests ages 18 and over. These tend to be much quieter and less crowded than the family pools located midship.

Using the Gym and Spa

The gym facilities on the Disney ships require that guests be at least 18 years old to participate. My husband bought a weekly pass to the adults-only rainforest room spa area.

Two of my daughters had a “couples massage.” That’s right, the massage rooms at the spa may be booked by any adult duo, not just romantic couples.

Enjoying adults-only entertainment and lounges

Many of the onboard guest entertainers offer special performances only for adults. These include musicians, comedians, magicians, and others. We spent a few evenings in the Cadillac Lounge piano bar listening to a guest pianist who specialized in Broadway standards, and then we randomly ran into him a few weeks later at a Broadway-related event in New York City. The performer was definitely a pro. My young-adult daughter sang at the adult karaoke session, which was much less crowded than the family version and had an expanded song selection list.

Additionally, every Disney ship has several lounges that are off-limits
to children. Here you can grab a drink or just hang out and play cards
or chat.

Relaxing in a Cabana at Serenity Bay

Once the Disney Wonder docked at Castaway Cay, we headed directly to Serenity Bay, the adults-only area of Disney’s private island. With pristine beaches, crystal-clear water, and swaying palms, it’s a true oasis of calm. Adding to the relaxation factor, we were able to reserve a private cabana in the Serenity Bay area. With our own hut stocked with snacks and cold beverages, and barely any other people around, we truly felt like the island was ours.

Adults-Only Excursions

Many of Disney’s Port Adventures (off-ship excursions) come in both family and adult versions. If you’re looking to avoid exposure to children, choose the adult excursions or look for excursions that appeal primarily to adults. We chose to visit the Truman “Little White House” on Key West and found it pleasantly geared to an adult audience.


I had been on many Disney Cruises with my children when they were, well, children. They spent many happy hours in the kids’ clubs, in the family pools, on the family beaches, and with us on family-oriented excursions. But now that they’re all over 18, we’ve made an easy transition into enjoying all the adult amenities on the ships.

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