SeaWorld Orlando Expands 2021 Seven Seas Food Festival with 200+ Flavors

SeaWorld 2021 Seven Seas Food Festival pork belly featured

SeaWorld Orlando’s Seven Seas Food Festival has returned for its fifth year, and the Unofficial Guide recently got a preview of the best new dishes among the more than 200 bites and beverages being offered.

SeaWorld Orlando’s 2021 Seven Seas Food Festival is back and bigger than ever, and the Unofficial Guide got a preview of the event’s top new edible offerings. (Photos by Seth Kubersky)

If you thought Epcot was home to Central Florida’s biggest theme park food festival, think again. With 28 locations serving 200+ different items, SeaWorld Orlando is calling its Seven Seas Food Festival the largest such event in the area.

SeaWorld 2021 Seven Seas Food Festival event guide

We were recently invited by SeaWorld to a media preview, where we sampled a selection of the chef’s top 7 recommendations. We’re happy to report that we enjoyed all of these dishes—especially the crispy pork belly and lamb ribs—and would happily eat any of them again!

To wash everything down, try a refreshing pineapple cider.

Serious drinkers can sling a bag full of margarita around their necks, and suck it down through a candy straw.

Following the private media event, we took a lap around the park and tried some more offerings from the booths located in different areas.

SeaWorld’s decor department has upped its game this year with themed displays around many of the food booths.

If you’re planning to sample more than just a dish or two, consider investing in a tasting lanyard. At $60 for 10 samples, or $75 for 15, it isn’t quite as good a deal as Universal’s Mardi Gras tasting lanyard, but it will help you save some money.

In addition to eating and imbibing, SeaWorld guests can enjoy entertainment, including street musicians and stilt walkers.

Alone among Florida’s major theme parks, SeaWorld is holding a Seven Seas Food Festival concert series on select nights at Bayside Stadium, featuring name acts, including Air Supply (“Goodbye”) and Blue Oyster Cult (“Don’t Fear the Reaper”).

Concert capacity is limited, and limited reserved seating is available for purchase. If you’re concerned about crowding, consider watching from the bridge across the lake, or listening to the audio simulcast in various locations around the park.

SeaWorld Orlando’s 2021 Seven Seas Food Festival runs Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays through May 9. Remember that advance park reservations are required for all guests, including annual passholders.


  1. Sam Jones March 18, 2021Reply

    Did you happen to ask them why they are not allowing use of the 2020 tasting lanyards, even though many of us bought them in good faith in 2020, were not able to use them, and are now stuck with a useless product? Just seems like a good customer focused company would have allowed the 2020 lanyards to be credited towards purchase of the 2021 lanyards.

    • Liliane Opsomer March 18, 2021Reply

      Dear Sam: SeaWorld Orlando 2020 Seven Seas lanyards left over from the festival that was cut short with 8 weeks remaining are indeed not accepted at the 2021 Festival.SeaWorld did however honor them from June-December at the Taste of Seven Seas Fest, the Craft Beer Festival and the Christmas Celebration huts. Best, Liliane

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