Best $6 Disney Snacks: Jack-Jack’s Num Num Cookie

Best $6 Disney Snacks Jack-Jack's Num Num Cookie

Satisfy your superhero-size sweet tooth with Jack-Jack’s Num Num Cookie, the newest entry on the Unofficial Guide’s list of Best $6 Disney Snacks.

Jack-Jack's Num Num Cookie, one of the Best $6 Disney Snacks
Throw away the calorie counter because Jack-Jack’s Num Num Cookie is one of the Unofficial Guide’s most indulgent picks for Best $6 Disney Snacks. (Photos by Seth Kubersky)

To recap the ground rules for our ongoing Best $6 Disney Snacks series, we are looking for treats priced around $6—give or take 99 cents—that are easily available from quick-service windows and outdoor vending carts. We’re highlighting uncommon menu items exclusive to just one or two locations (no iconic but ubiquitous standards like pretzels and churros) that are worth going out of your way for when you need a quick nosh or light meal on the go.

Jack-Jack’s Num Num Cookie is a bicoastal favorite that began as an exclusive offering at Disney California Adventure’s Pixar Pier, where the treats can be found at an often-crowded kiosk outside the Incredicoaster attraction.

In Walt Disney World, Jack-Jack’s Num Num Cookie is found at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the Pixar Studio-inspired cul de sac near the entrance to Toy Story Land. Look for the Market stand outside of One Man’s Dream, next to Joffrey’s coffee counter.

Try not to drool on the display case while waiting your turn to order!

At only $5.79, Jack-Jack’s chocolate chip cookie easily slides in under our $6 target price, but you get a whole lot of Num Num for your money, and the fact that it’s served fresh out of the oven (or at least the warming box) makes it even more yummy.

The cookie has a larger than average circumference, but it’s the deep-dish depth that gives this dessert its volume, making each portion the thickness of nearly three normal cookies.

Between the warm, buttery dough and gooey chunks of chocolate, Jack-Jack’s Num Num Cookie is so rich and filling you’ll want to share it, or at least get a refreshing frozen beverage to wash it down with. The nonalcoholic pineapple-coconut slushy (think a virgin Piña Colada but lighter and less sugary) might also find a spot on our Best $6 Disney Snacks list if it were a few cents more expensive.

Have you tried Jack-Jack’s Num Nums, or do you have a different favorite Disney cookie? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Annie Long July 22, 2021Reply

    Whoa–Wrapped up that thing could be a burger! I wish I had one right now. Good recommendation. I like reading about the location, it’s like a pirate map to a treasure. Yummm!

    • Liliane Opsomer July 28, 2021Reply

      LOL a giant cookie burger!

    • Debra January 22, 2023Reply

      I first had one of these over the top delicious cookies in California Adventure. I thought I had to travel back to the West Coast to get one until I read yes Jack’s num num is at Hollywood Studios. Hooray, I will be traveling to WDW this summer. This will be a must stop.

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