Is the Art of Window Decorating Dying at Disney Resorts?

Is the Art of Window Decorating Dying at Disney Resorts

Mike Howard recently visited Walt Disney World, and he is wondering if the art of window decorating is dying at Disney Resorts. Here is what he observed.

Window Decorating

I remember the first time I stayed at Pop Century. I was amazed to see so many windows decorated. I couldn’t wait until my next visit so that I could participate in such a lovely activity and make it a tradition. We just returned from our fifth stay at Pop Century and were disappointed to notice that there has been a decline in decorated windows. 

Most are adorned with a few of the simplest of items, usually a few souvenirs that were purchased at the gift shops, sets of Mouse ears, or towel art made courtesy of housekeeping. During Halloween and Christmas more windows are decorated, but over the years it seems that there has been a decline in this fun activity.

We found, however, that several windows were completely decorated from top to bottom, and the addition of mini light sets appears to be the thing now. The mini light sets average about 16 feet long and connect to electricity or operate from a battery box that holds 3 AA batteries. The length is perfect to go around the top and both sides of the window, and with the battery box you need not worry about outlets or extension cords.  

One of the coolest and simplest ideas that I have seen was nothing more than a shower curtain with lights. The window size at Pop Century is 37 ¾ inches wide and 59 inches tall. The windows at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort are slightly different, with the window being closer to 36 inches wide and 60 inches tall. This is the resort we will be staying at next January, so we are prepared!

Window Decorating

Window clings are a great way to decorate, but I personally have not used them yet. While the resorts allow window decorating, they are not great fans of it.

Many guests make tiny holes using tacks and straight pins to hold items, while others use tape to attach their various decorations.

The only thing that I have found that does not cause any damages is small suction cups or Command hooks. I have used the suction cups, and they work great and are also easy to get off without making any mess.

Remember the Mousekeeping staff has to clean up after you leave, and I fear that if the Mouskeeping staff has to spend too much time cleaning windows, it will only be a matter of time before Disney will put an end to decorating the windows. So please do not make holes or leave tape behind. 

Window Decorating

Do you decorate the window of your room when visiting Walt Disney World Resorts? We would love to see your pictures and hear your tips.  

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  1. Chelle C July 27, 2021Reply

    Love when people decorate their windows especially during the holidays. We try to do our best without too much extra packing. We’ve done lights, made our own signs, used clings and banners. We noticed at the French Quarter, the windows had towels rolled up like Mickey heads and they were placed in all the windows (assume by CMs). Cute touches like that make us smile.

    • Liliane Opsomer July 28, 2021Reply

      Yes, it is indeed adorable and I decorate my room window too if I am visiting for a special holiday.

  2. Fran Leitner September 2, 2022Reply

    We are staying at CBR in a few weeks. The clings I got to decorate the windows are not two sided. Would we be able to put on the outside of the window? We would remove these the night prior to check out.

    • Liliane Opsomer September 2, 2022Reply

      I don’t see why you can’t put them on the outside of the windows, especially since you will make sure to take them off. Have a magical time.

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