New Main Street Confectionery Now Open at the Magic Kingdom

New Main Street Confectionery at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration is off to a sweet start with the debut of the Magic Kingdom’s newly reimagined Main Street Confectionery, and we’re bringing you a tasty look inside from the anticipated candy store’s reopening.

Main Street Confectionery at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom
Treat your sweet tooth to a tour of the new Main Street Confectionery at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom (photos by Seth Kubersky).

The candy store has long been a staple of Main Street U.S.A.’s shopping district, and the Magic Kingdom has welcomed the brand-new Main Street Confectionery just in time for the Walt Disney World resort’s 50th birthday celebrations starting on October 1.

As you approach the Main Street Confectionery, you’ll see that its exterior has been given a fresh coat of paint, while the windows proudly proclaim the renamed shop’s sponsorship by Mars Candy.

Just inside the store’s entrance is a new display highlighting the diverse characters Imagineers have developed to support the shop’s new backstory. However, these biographies don’t really seem to have much connection to the design of the space, nor the menu items on offer.

The good news is that the candy shop now feels far larger and less congested, with more open space created by the relocation of the cashier counters.

If you’re as fascinated as we are by the candy-making process, you’ll want to spend some time hanging around this window, which provides a panoramic view into the confectionery’s kitchen.

Main Street Confectionery’s most eye-catching new addition is this colorful wall of M&M’s and similar self-service bulk candies.

Another popular new option is the customizable candied popcorn, available in a variety of colors and flavors—and with toppings.

Of course, you can still get classic treats like hand-spun cotton candy or a Glacier Slushie.

Perhaps the best news of all is that Mobile Ordering is now available for most Main Street Confectionery bakery items through the My Disney Experience app, allowing quick pickup of your pick-me-up with minimal queueing.

Alternatively, you can select some frequently ordered items like crispy rice treats and candy apples right off the shelves instead of waiting for assistance.

Be sure to treat yourself to something from the new Main Street Confectionery the next time you visit the Magic Kingdom, especially if you need a little boost while waiting for the nighttime fireworks to begin!

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