A Taste of EPCOT’s New La Creperie de Paris

A Taste of EPCOT's New La Creperie de Paris

A brand-new eatery was recently added to EPCOT’s France pavilion, and today we’re sharing with you our first taste of the sweet and savory flavors from La Creperie de Paris.

Grab a fork and dig into our review of the Parisian pancakes now being prepared at EPCOT’s new La Creperie de Paris restaurant. (Photos by Seth Kubersky)

On October 1, as the Walt Disney World Resort celebrated its big 50th birthday, EPCOT marked the day by officially debuting the long-awaited Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure expansion of World Showcase’s France pavilion. But that new cul-de-sac also includes a restaurant that—although overshadowed by the adjacent attraction—still shouldn’t be overlooked.

When the Orlando incarnation of the Ratatouille ride was initially announced, I was disappointed to learn it wouldn’t incorporate the same post-ride restaurant I’d enjoyed at the original version in Walt Disney Studios Paris. However, La Creperie de Paris turns out to be a surprisingly satisfying (if way less upscale) substitute for Bistrot Chez Remy, in terms of food if not atmosphere.

Upon entering EPCOT’s new Ratatouille courtyard, you’ll probably notice a substantial queue snaking outside this building before you even approach Remy’s ride. It isn’t for the attraction, but rather for La Creperie de Paris’ walk-up window.

The take-away option has a limited menu with more modest portions (and prices), but with no Mobile Ordering currently available, you’re liable to have a long wait.

Instead, try heading inside to the restaurant’s sit-down side, where we were able to get seated instantly during the peak dinner hour, with no need for reservations or a wait list.

Your mileage may vary, but at least for the moment La Creperie de Paris appears to be one of the easiest tables to secure in EPCOT!

With a surprisingly subdued interior, La Creperie de Paris obviously isn’t attempting to provide an immersive Parisian experience. The dining room feels more modern and utilitarian than the classically styled exterior might suggest. The faux-stone tile and monochromatic color palette feel somewhat cold overall, but not unwelcoming, and wood accents help warm it up a bit.

The à la carte menu inside La Creperie de Paris is more expansive—and expensive—than the one available at the window, but the Prix Fix menus are easily your best bet.

The $33 adult Prix Fix meal starts with a soup of the day or this above-average garden salad dressed with an addictive Dijon vinaigrette.

Prix Fix diners also receive a glass of hard cider, available in four different levels of sweetness. I found the “demi-sec” to be a great accompaniment to my meal.

Alternatively, nonalcoholic bottled beverages like Orangina are also available.

For the main course, you can pick any of the galettes, which are made of “gluten-friendly” buckwheat flower from France’s Brittany region. These pancakes are spongier and more savory than the more-familiar crepes, and they remind me of Ethiopian injera flatbread.

I received my galette topped with a generous portion of smoked salmon and creme fraiche, and I found it more than enough for an entrée. If you have a smaller appetite, opt for the $14 Menu Enfant instead, even if you are an adult; the children’s galettes—like this ratatouille-stuffed one—are nearly as ginormous as the grown-up ones, and just as tasty.

Finally, both menus include a dessert crepe, with tempting toppings like chocolate hazelnut or red berries.

Again, there doesn’t seem to be a substantial size difference between the adult and child portions.

In the end, we had a three-course sit-down dinner for two—ncluding an alcoholic drink, tax, and tip—for just over $33 per person, which is an exceptional value by Orlando theme park standards. Better yet, we didn’t sweat over reservations or even stand in line to enjoy our meal, and eating crepes off a plate with a knife and fork always beats trying to juggle them while walking through a crowded park.

To be frank, the distinctive flavor of the buckwheat galettes likely won’t be appealing to many American guests, although the dessert ones should please almost anyone. But if you’ve got an adventurous palate that appreciates a low-stress meal of authentic European flavors, be sure to add a visit to La Creperie de Paris to your EPCOT epicurean agenda.

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