Best $6 Disney Snacks: Kabuki Cafe Sushi

Best $6 Disney Snacks Kabuki Cafe Sushi

It’s been a while since we shared one of our selections for the Best $6 Disney Snacks, but today we’re satisfying our seafood craving at EPCOT by savoring some quick-service sushi from Kabuki Cafe.

EPCOT Kabuki Cafe sushi
Dig your chopsticks into some sushi from EPCOT’s Kabuki Cafe with the newest installment in the Unofficial Guide’s Best $6 Disney Snacks series. (Photos by Seth Kubersky)

In case you’ve forgotten the ground rules, our ongoing Best $6 Disney Snacks series highlights theme park treats priced around $6—give or take 99 cents—that are easily available from quick-service windows and outdoor vending carts. We’re highlighting uncommon menu items exclusive to just one or two locations (no iconic but ubiquitous standards like pretzels and churros) that are worth going out of your way for when you need a quick nosh or light meal on the go.

Today’s Best $6 Disney Snack is found in EPCOT’s World Showcase, which is no stranger to snacking opportunities between the park’s permanent restaurants and festival food booths. Although there’s almost always an outdoor kitchen in Japan serving a seasonal sushi dish, don’t overlook the year-round offerings at Kabuki Cafe, located at the base of the pavilion’s iconic pagoda.

Kabuki Cafe is probably best known by EPCOT eaters as the destination for kakigōri, the sweet shaved ice dessert that’s such a good value at only $5.50, and it certainly qualifies as an entry in this series. But today we’re sampling two of Kabuki Cafe’s sushi options, which both make for surprisingly satisfying light meals.

If you’re apprehensive about eating raw fish from a takeaway stand in the Florida sun, don’t be: Everything is prepared fresh daily and kept safely refrigerated until you order. Besides, Kabuki Cafe’s unpretentious service is in keeping with the origins of sushi, which started as a street-cart fast food designed to be eaten while standing.

First up is the spicy roll, which stuffs a mix of chopped salmon and tuna into a seasoned rice and seaweed wrap, topped with a mildly spiced “volcano” sauce. It’s your standard supermarket-quality sushi roll, and the portion size—only 4 pieces, or about half of a regular-size roll—makes the $6 serving a middling value. At least the requisite wasabi and picked ginger garnish are included.

A much better choice is the nigiri combo, which includes finger-length pieces of raw salmon, raw tuna, and cooked shrimp. The rice is the same as used in the spicy roll, but the fish has a fresher flavor and is served in reasonably sized slices. In fact, at $6.50 for three pieces, Kabuki Cafe’s nigiri sushi is an even better value than the happy hour special at my favorite downtown Orlando sushi bar, which recently raised its prices from $2 to $3 per piece.

Obviously, made-to-order sushi in a real restaurant is superior to prepackaged pieces from a theme park kiosk, but when you need a quick protein boost that won’t weigh you down, EPCOT’s Kabuki Cafe offers a tempting alternative to turkey legs.

Have you tried the sushi at EPCOT’s Kabuki Cafe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Annie Long February 25, 2022Reply

    Yum! That looks delicious, so fresh and pretty–quite appealing, especially for the price! Don’t they say pay full price for sushi as a rule?! A good protein serving that won’t weigh you down–so necessary when touring the grueling rounds at a theme park.

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