The Unofficial Guide to Peppa Pig Theme Park Florida

The Unofficial Guide to Peppa Pig Theme Park Florida

Central Florida’s newest theme park is now open, and we’ve got your Unofficial Guide to visiting Peppa Pig Theme Park at the Legoland Florida Resort.

Peppa Pig Theme Park characters
Splash in muddy puddles with Peppa and her pals at Legoland Florida’s new Peppa Pig Theme Park. (Photos/videos by Seth Kubersky)

Between their galactic warriors and boy wizards, Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando would seem to have a lock on the tween through teen audiences, but families willing to travel beyond Disney’s bubble can now spend a day with a UK import who’s even hotter than Harry Potter among the youngest generation.

Peppa Pig theme park statue

If you’ve parented a toddler for any period of time over the past couple of decades, you’re probably well aware of Peppa Pig’s popularity among the preschool set. The series of UK cartoon shorts has attracted a worldwide following, with Peppa Pig themed attractions created by Merlin Entertainment found from Shanghai to Chicago. Peppa Pig Theme Park Florida is billed the first and only entire theme park in the world solely dedicated to the precocious porcine superstar.

Peppa Pig Theme Park Location and Layout

Located about an hour southwest of Walt Disney World in Winter Haven, Peppa Pig Theme Park is part of the Legoland Florida Resort, and iti takes up about 4.5 acres of the former parking lot. The new park’s entrance gate is within walking distance of the original Legoland Florida theme park and the Legoland Resort onsite hotels.

Smaller than the typical land inside an Orlando theme park, Peppa Pig Theme Park is far more compact than your average attraction, making it the perfect proportion for its pint-size target audience. After passing through the entry plaza, you’ll find all of the park’s indoor amenities to your left, while all the outdoor attractions are spread out ahead of you.

Familiarize yourself with the layout of Peppa Pig Theme Park Florida with this complete walking tour:

Peppa Pig Theme Park Rides

The six featured moving attractions at Peppa’s Florida park are all squarely aimed at young children, but they are also designed to accommodate and entertain accompanying adults. A perfect example is the park’s E-Ticket centerpiece, Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster.

Guests start by taking a tour of Peppa Pig’s home, before boarding Daddy Pig’s red car for a spin around Mr. Bull’s construction site.

Built to be the perfect first roller coaster for young children, with a minimum rider height of 36 inches, Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster still provides ample leg room for adults, as well as some unexpected thrills from the 16 miles-per-hour launches.

Enjoy a back-row ride in Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster with this POV video:

Another standout ride at Peppa Pig Theme Park is Grampy Rabbit’s Dinosaur Adventure, an outdoor dark ride where riders straddle dinos while shuffling past simple scenery.

It’s a simple ride sure to delight small fry, but the undulating movement and adorable audio soundtrack also put smiles on grown-ups’ faces.

Check out the full Grampy Rabbit’s Dinosaur Adventure ride in this POV:

Rounding out the lineup of rides at Peppa Pig Theme Park are Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride, a gentle aerial carousel…

Grandad Dog’s Anchors Away family boat ride…

Mr. Bull’s High Striker, a miniature bouncing drop tower…

And Peppa’s Pedal Bike Tour with George’s Tricycle Trail, a pair of kid-powered cycling paths.

Peppa Pig Live Shows and Other Attractions

The park features a shaded outdoor stage surrounded by Astroturf and beanbag chairs, where Peppa and pals perform two different 10-minute live shows, several times each day.

Peppa Pig Come To Play was not previewed for the media during our visit, but here’s a complete performance of Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt Adventure:

You’ll also find more than half a dozen different themed playgrounds, including the signature Muddy Puddles Splash Pad, which is full of fountains and soaking slides:

On the drier side, kids can play carnival games in the Fun Fair, explore George’s Fort and Peppa’s Tree House, and clamber about Grandpa Pig’s Greenhouse or Madame Gazelle’s Nature Trail.

When you need a brief break, check out the Cinema, our favorite indoor attraction at Peppa Pig Theme Park. Inside, you’ll find comfy bean bag beds and quiet cartoons, perfect for a recharging rest.

Peppa Pig Food and Merchandise

It wouldn’t be a theme park without things to eat and buy, but the commercial offerings are surprisingly low-key at Peppa Pig Theme Park.

Mrs. Rabbit’s Diner, the park’s lone dining establishment, offers kid-friendly standards like grilled cheese and mac & cheese, alongside adult entrées like smoked brisket sandwiches and a yummy bowl of grains and greens.

Before you head out the exit, be sure to stop by Mr. Fox’s Shop for a wide selection of Peppa Pig branded toys and souvenirs. While most of the items currently in stock can also be purchased elsewhere, the store will soon be home to exclusive Peppa Pig Theme Park merchandise.

Special Needs at Peppa Pig Theme Park

Peppa Pig Theme Park has gone above and beyond in making its attractions accessible to all kids, regardless of physical or nonapparent disability, earning the park (along with the entire Legoland Resort) accreditation as a Certified Autism Center by The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES).

In addition to publishing a comprehensive Accessibility Guide on the park’s website, every attraction has been rated for a Sensory Guide, with numbers indicating how intensely stimulating it may be for each of the five senses.

Peppa Pig Theme Park Admission and Touring Advice

Single-day tickets to Peppa Pig Theme Park cost $34.99 if purchased at the park on the date of arrival; you can purchase single-day discounted tickets for $30.99 by purchasing online. Ticket prices are the same for all guests ages 2 and older; infants under 24 months are free.

Admission to Peppa Pig Theme Park can also be bundled with admission to Legoland Florida Theme Park as a Two-Park, One-Day Ticket, starting at $124.99 at the gate ($109.99 and up when purchased online in advance); Two-Park, Two-Day Tickets start at $149.99 at the gate ($119.99 and up when purchased online in advance).

A limited number of Peppa Pig Theme Park Annual Passes are being sold for $74.99 plus tax, including free parking and discounts on additional admission tickets for a year.

Because the park’s standard operating hours are only 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., you’ll probably want to arrive at opening, especially if driving from the Disney area along the often-congested Interstate 4 and Highway 27. The rides all have very low carrying capacity, so let your kids knock themselves out on the roller coaster and dinosaur adventure until the queues build. Then let them run rampant over the playgrounds, which don’t require any waiting, and take them to the live shows or Cinema when they inevitably crash. Better yet, book a night at one of Legoland’s well-themed hotels within a short stroller-push of the park gates, which will reduce the stress of returning to your room when nap time arrives.

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