Disney vs. Disney: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Disney vs. Disney Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Guide book author Seth Kubersky compares similar attractions at both Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort with a look at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to see which version of the “wildest ride in the wilderness” comes out on top.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad walt disney world
The California and Florida versions of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad go head to head in our first Disney vs. Disney comparison. (Photos/videos by Seth Kubersky)

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has long been one of the most iconic attractions at both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom, and each version has its own devotees. Of course, globe-traveling Disney fans know that Disneyland Paris’s Big Thunder Mountain is by far the best iteration of the attraction, but for our purposes we’re only evaluating its cousins in Anaheim and Orlando.

On both coasts, this coaster through and around a Disney “mountain” re-creates a runaway mine train careening through a Gold Rush frontier town. Along with the usual thrills of a roller coaster, the ride showcases some first-rate examples of Disney creativity, with colorful caverns and humourously animated lifelike scenes along the way.

A superb Disney experience—but not too wild a roller coaster, the emphasis here is much more on the sights than on the thrill of the ride itself. In terms of intensity, we put this coaster at about a 5 on a scary scale of 10—it has tight turns rather than big hills or drops, and no loops or upside-down parts. Because it’s outdoors and kids can see most of the ride, it’s a better introduction to “real” roller coasters for young children than Space Mountain.

Here is our full POV of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Walt Disney World:

And here is a complete POV of Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad:

Regardless of the resort, it’s a not-to-be-missed attraction in both parks. We especially recommend giving Big Thunder a try after dark, as the lighting gives the attraction a whole new feel. Seats in the back give the best experience, as the front row’s view is blocked by the faux locomotive.

Walt Disney World’s ride benefits aesthetically from a more monumental mountain, and its standby queue features Easter eggs and interactive distractions. The track itself is about 100 feet longer, and its top speed of 30 miles per hour bests Disneyland’s by over 5 mph. However, that comes at the expense of a much bumpier ride, as Walt Disney World’s track has aged noticeably since opening in 1980.

At Disneyland, the train ride’s ramshackle exterior (featuring reconstructions of the Rainbow Ridge storefronts from 1956) belies a remarkably smooth track, which was completely replaced in 2014, making it far more pleasurable to re-ride. Disneyland’s ride also includes some impressive special effects, including a fog-fueled explosion inside the final lift hill, which are sorely missing from the Florida version. And Disneyland is the exclusive home of the fan-favorite animatronic of a dynamite-chewing goat; try to keep staring at him to enjoy extra disorientation as you snap around the curve (known as the “goat trick”).

Finally, in terms of touring, nearby Splash Mountain affects traffic flow to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Walt Disney World, since guests who ride one usually ride both. This translates to large crowds in Frontierland all day and long waits for Big Thunder. Disneyland guests often overlook Big Thunder in their rush to Indiana Jones or Star Wars, and Genie+ Lightning Lane reservations typically remain available for the ride much later in the day at Disneyland than at Walt Disney World.

For all of these reasons, while we rate both attractions as 4 stars in the Unofficial Guides, we feel that Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is superior to Walt Disney World’s ride.

Do you agree or disagree with our verdict? What duplicated Disney attractions would you like us to compare next? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. JBoo September 11, 2022Reply

    I love that the attractions aren’t exactly the same. Even though I visit WDW more often, I do love the DL goat.

    • Liliane Opsomer September 15, 2022Reply

      The goat is one of coauthor Seth Kubersky’s favorites too. Have a magical day.

  2. Sandra Wiggins September 15, 2022Reply

    I grew up going to Disneyland. I love so much of it. If I have to pick one, then I have to go with Pirates of the Caribbean. Disneyland’s version is the best!

    • Liliane Opsomer September 15, 2022Reply

      I, too, love the Disneyland version of Pirates of the Caribbean best. Have a magical day, Liliane

  3. dev September 15, 2022Reply

    Haven’t tried DLR’s yet, but WDW’s is my favorite attraction in MK! Looking forward to trying DLP’s version in a couple months.

  4. Kris September 15, 2022Reply

    Pirates has been my favorite ride since I was a kid. But I do love Big Thunder!

    • Liliane Opsomer September 16, 2022Reply

      Pirates of the Caribbean is an amazing attraction. Thank you for sharing your favorite ride with us. Have a magical day! Liliane

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