Disney’s Best Worst: Goofy’s Sky School at DCA

Goofy's Sky School at Disney California Adventure

Not every theme park attraction can be a five-star E-Ticket. Along with their all-time classics, Disney has also produced some duds that are still inexplicably close to our hearts. Today, we kick off a new series about Disney’s best worst rides, starting with Goofy’s Sky School, a low-rated attraction at Disney California Adventure’s Paradise Gardens Park that we somehow still can’t help climbing aboard.

Aerial view of Goofy's Sky School in Paradise Gardens Park at Disney California Adventure Anaheim.
Take flight with our POV video of Goofy’s Sky School, one of the Unofficial Guide’s best worst Disney attractions. (Photos/video by Seth Kubersky)

Themed as Goofy teaching new pilots how to fly, Goofy’s Sky School is a designer Wild Mouse (sometimes also called a Mad Mouse). If you’re not familiar with the genre, it’s a small, convoluted roller coaster where the track dips and turns unexpectedly, presumably reminding its inventor of a mouse tearing through a maze.

To define it more in Disney terms, the ride is similar to Space Mountain at Walt Disney World, only outdoors and therefore in the light. Goofy’s Sky School is an off-the-shelf midway ride in which Disney has invested next to nothing to spiff it up. In other words, it’s fun but nothing special.

This is also a slow-loading ride that only lasts about 90 seconds, and it’s one that breaks down frequently. Ride during the first few hours the park is open or use the single-rider line (when open).

Children must be 42″ tall to ride, and it may induce motion sickness in riders of any age.

After all that, you may be wondering what we see in this three-star attraction. The next best thing to experiencing it for yourself is watching this POV video we shot of the ride:

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