The Unofficial Guide to the Germany Pavilion at EPCOT

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Hallo und guten Tag! Today we take a look at EPCOT’s Germany Pavilion. Join me on a tour of the pavilion offering architecture from a cross section of Germany’s regions. The pavilion, which opened with the park on October 1, 1982, is located between China and Italy.

The main square is lined with cobblestones. Its centerpiece is a fountain topped by a statue of St. George slaying a dragon. Did you know that St. George is the Patron Saint of England and is considered the patron of knights, soldiers, scouts, fencers, and archers, among others; he is also invoked against the plague, leprosy, and venomous snakes, according to the Vatican News.

Next, turn your attention to the clock tower with its beautiful Glockenspiel chiming every hour on the hour. While the architecture of the buildings is from different eras and regions of the country, the pavilion is designed to resemble a small German town. Overall, the square was inspired by the medieval Bavarian town of Rothenburg of der Tauber.

Just outside the pavilion to the right is a miniature German model train display with three trains running throughout a tiny German village, featuring homes, people, and foliage. Did you know that the tiny flags in the village change with each festival? Be sure to take a look!

Germany Pavilion


The main dining venue is Biergarten, where traditional German food is served in an Oktoberfest-style atmosphere. Biergarten is open for lunch and dinner, and the all-you-can-eat buffet offers sausages with sauerkraut, schnitzel, assorted salads, potatoes, and Spätzle. While there are several dessert options, go for the apple strudel!

The setting also emulates the Oktoberfest atmosphere with long communal tables where guests can enjoy hearty cuisine enhanced by traditional German entertainment. Four different beers are served in 1/2- and 1-liter steins. 

German pavilion

Sommerfest is a quick-service restaurant that serves bratwurst with sauerkraut, jumbo pretzels, and pretzel bread pudding. I do not like the bread pudding and wish Sommerfest would serve apple strudel instead. The bratwurst is really good and filling, but I do not enjoy the chips served with it. A bun would be much better. German beer and wine are also available.

The beautiful mural by the ordering window of Sommerfest and to the right of the entrance to Biergarten was originally planned as an entrance to a boat ride that, due to lack of funding, never materialized.  

If you just want to savor a refreshing German beer, there are two stands offering great brews.


While there is no ride in the Germany pavilion, plenty of shops are tucked in the small village stores. Medieval toys and the beloved Steiff stuffed animals are available at Der Teddybear. The famous Black Forest Cuckoo clocks can be found at Volkskunst. The store also carries Grimm’s Fairy Tales, hand-painted eggs, and cowbells. 

If your heart is set on one of the steins, visit Stein Haus, which has a vast selection of ornate options. At Das Kaufhaus, soccer fans can find soccer balls and jerseys of the teams they support. 

Karamell-Küche is home to the original Werther’s caramel. The store also offers apples dipped in caramel, caramel popcorn, and many more delicious treats.

Süssigkeiten fulfills all other sweet cravings with chocolate, cookies, and the famous HARIBO gummi Goldbears.

Fine wines and spirits are served at the Weinkeller. You can enjoy wine tastings and stock up on special German wines for your home. 

Be aware that prices are subject to change.

Die Weihnachts Ecke is where you’ll find Christmas decorations, including the famous Christmas pickle. 

According to German tradition, the pickle brings good luck and is the last ornament placed on the Christmas tree. The first child to find the gherkin on Christmas morning is rewarded with an extra little gift. The tradition encourages children to appreciate all the ornaments on the tree rather than hurrying to see what presents have been left for them. 

Kunstarbeit in Kristall is home to dazzling crystal jewelry by Swarovski, Princessa Plata, and Arribas, among many more. Glaskunst is an outdoor shop that sells Arribas glassware. The shop will personalize your purchase with beautiful, on-demand engravings. 


Throughout the year, the Germany pavilion stage is home to small folk music performances, polka bands, and yodeling. During the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival, look for beautiful geranium arrangements. EPCOT’s International Food & Wine Festival brings music and classic German dishes to the outdoor chalet.

EPCOT’s International Festival of the Holidays features live Christmas music and German glassblowers crafting beautiful ornaments.

The Germany pavilion’s Kidcot Fun Stop is currently located inside Die Weihnachts Ecke, the Christmas-themed store.

As for the fairest of them all, Snow White holds court at the wishing well as you reach the German pavilion. On very rare occasions, she is joined by her Prince. Check the My Disney Experience app lists for the daily entertainment schedule.

During the EPCOT International Flower& Garden Festival, feast your eyes on topiaries of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

If you enjoyed The Unofficial Guide to EPCOT’s Germany Pavilion, check out our tours of the Mexico, China, France, and Italy pavilions. Auf Wiedersehen until next time!

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  1. Tina August 28, 2023Reply

    I love the German section of Epcot. My only quibble with Epcot is that there is no way to cut through the world’s section. You have to go all the way around and on a hot day, that can be miserable.

    • Liliane Opsomer August 29, 2023Reply

      You can’t cut through, but using the friendship boats helps. Have a magical day.

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