10 Things to Do on Embarkation Day for Your Disney Cruise

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Embarkation Day is a super-busy time for cruisers! It’s good to go in there with a plan. Our Disney Cruise Line expert tells us about 10 things that will happen that day.

1. Arrive – You’ve chosen a port arrival time by now. For the last few years, Disney has enforced port arrival times for the most part. If you arrive early, there’s a good chance you’re going to have to wait outside the port awhile. Boarding usually begins between 11:30 a.m. and noon; as more and more boarding groups are called, things start to loosen up outside, and you may get in early. So choose an arrival time wisely. Have your arrival form (or a screenshot) handy. You’ll have to produce it to get inside.

Embarkation Day

2. Drop off Luggage – If you are on a Disney transfer, you will have already turned over control of your luggage by the time you arrive. If you drive, however, you’ll pull up and drop your luggage off with a porter before parking. Give the porter everything you don’t want to carry around until your room is ready. He or she can make luggage tags for you if you don’t have enough. Don’t forget to tip the porter!

3. Check-in – The next step to boarding is checking in! You’ll get in one of several lines based on how many times you’ve cruised with Disney in the past or whether you are sailing concierge. Have your identification ready, and it should be a quick process.

Embarkation Day

4. Check for Upgrades – If you are at all interested in a discounted upgrade to your stateroom, go immediately to the supervisor’s desk after going through security and see if there is availability! These go quickly if there are any!

5. Log in to the Wi-Fi – Connect to the DCL Guest Wi-Fi once you are in the terminal. You can start chatting, see your dining rotation, note the daily activities, and more.

6. Check for Bookings – Once you are logged in, you can also check for any bookings you may have missed before! It’s possible you’ll find some last-minute openings for things like tastings, port adventures, etc.

Embarkation Day

7. Board – When your boarding group is called, it’s time to get on that beautiful ship! Gather your party and carry-ons and run, pushing all other guests out of the way…whoops! I meant to say, “Walk calmly to the gangway.”

8. Make Changes or Additions to Plans – If there is anything you still want to change about your plans, now is the time to do it. If you want to book adult dining or change your dining time, go to the location where dining changes are made on your particular ship. If you want to add activities you still haven’t booked, go to guest services and get in line. If you’d like to make a spa reservation, go there.

9. Eat Lunch – It’s time to start making your money back, people. How many crab legs can you eat?  

10. Start Vacationing – The only thing you are required to do from this point on is show up for the muster drill! Otherwise, you are on vacation! Enjoy it. 

Embarkation Day

About the author of the blog: Tammy Whiting is a blogger, a Space Force wife, and the mother of two beautiful children and one wonderful daughter-in-law.

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