10 Things You Don’t Want to Miss On Your Disney Cruise

10 things not to miss on a Disney Cruise BANNER

Tammy Whiting, our Disney Cruise Line expert, shares 10 things you don’t want to miss on your next sailing with Disney.

A Disney Cruise is jam-packed with things to do. In fact, if you try to do it all, you’ll end up exhausted! Instead, take plenty of time to relax and soak it all in! Here are 10 things that are worth your while. 

Embarkation Day Lunch – If you have a late port arrival time, you may be tempted to eat before you arrive. Please don’t do it! Eat a big breakfast, have a snack, but don’t eat lunch! The midday meal onboard is excellent, whether you choose the slower table-service option at whichever main dining room is open or the generous buffet in Cabanas or Marceline, lunch is a delicious way to start your cruise!

Marceline on the Disney Wish

Jack Jack’s Incredible Diaper Dash – Jack Jack’s is held at least once on every itinerary, and you do not want to miss it. Who would have thought that watching babies race would be so exhilarating?

Castaway Cay – This is Disney’s gorgeous private island. Even if you aren’t a beach person, I recommend getting off the ship for a little while. There’s a great lunch on the island. You can also rent a bike and ride, or simply walk around for a little while. Enjoy the beauty of the Bahamas. 

Castaway Cay

Specialty Dining – While I’m not a big believer in paying for food onboard when there is free food everywhere, I make an exception for specialty dining. Palo, Palo Steakhouse, Remy, or Enchante all serve delicious food in (bonus) an adults-only atmosphere. My favorite meal onboard is Palo brunch, if you can get a reservation!

Delicious dessert at Palo

Nightly Shows – Every ship has full-scale Broadway productions, and the talent of the entertainment crew is astounding. If you have an early dinner, you can go to the show afterward; if you have a late dinner, you can see the shows beforehand. 

Walt Disney Theatre

Free Mickey Bars – At first glance, you may not notice the abundance of Mickey bars onboard. There are no coolers full of them on the pool deck. They are, however, available in every dining room at mealtime, and you can order as many as you would like from room service. It’s time to start making your price for the cruise even more worth it, right?

Concierge Service
Mickey Bars

Open House – The kids’ spaces onboard are fully themed, with activities to entice children and adults alike! I’ve been jealous of their spaces more than once! The good news is that there are open house times when anyone can visit and participate in the fun. Check your Navigator onboard for times. 

Visit the open house of the Disney kids’ clubs.

Trivia – There will be all kinds of trivia onboard! General knowledge, Disney trivia, sports, music, movie quotes (my favorite!), Star Wars, adults only, family, etc. Even if you don’t have a shot in the world at winning, go! It’s always fun. 

Adult Nightlife – Later in the evenings, the nightclubs become adults-only spaces with adults-only activities. There’s a Newlywed Game-style gameshow called Match Your Mate, live music, games, etc. It can be hard to stay up late after very busy days, but it’s worth it!

Nightingale’s adults-only piano bar

Silent DJ – I discovered Silent DJ on a cruise in 2018 and was instantly hooked! Everyone has a set of headphones with three music channels to choose from, and everyone is dancing to their own beat. Silent DJ is fun for everyone, but if you’ve never danced in a club before or are worried you have no rhythm, silent DJ is especially for you! You’re not off-beat; you’re just dancing to a different song. That’s your story, and you should stick to it. 

About the author of the blog: Tammy Whiting is the coauthor of The Unofficial Guide to Disney Cruise Line. Blogger, Space Force wife, and mother of two, Tammy has been involved in the travel industry for more than 15 years. Though she certainly enjoys vacations of all kinds, her favorite adventures around the globe have been on cruise ships. Tammy spent five years of her childhood in Europe as a military brat and has been a military spouse for over 30 years, living in almost every corner of the US. When she isn’t traveling, you can find her enjoying her family, buying camera equipment, and planning her next trip! 

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