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    Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort

    Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort open for business Most visitors to Las Vegas do not think of skiing but the winter season at the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort at Lee Canyon is in full swing and runs through April 2015. As a matter of fact Las Vegas and the surrounding area offer a host of outdoor and

  • The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World with Kids

    Single Parents Visiting Walt Disney World

    Single Parents Visiting Walt Disney World Because single parents generally are also working parents, planning a special getaway with your children can be the best way to spend some quality time together. But remember, the vacation is not just for your child—it’s for you too. One thing single parents visiting Walt Disney World should consider is to invite a grandparent

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    Iconic DC Hotels

    Iconic DC Hotels While Washington itself has great history, it has been through repeated cycles of depression and redevelopment, especially in what are now some of the most popular tourist areas. So, it has fewer hotels whose legends reach back to earlier eras than do capitals of Europe. In fact, the Watergate, arguably the most famous hotel in D.C., has

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    Vegas Monorail a godsend

    Vegas on the Fast Track – check out the Vegas monorail system The traffic on the strip is anything but Vegas on the fast track. The Casino owners on the strip love it that way as they wish to keep you right where you are – in their casino, restaurants and shops. If like most visitors you want to explore the strip we recommend you forget

  • The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World with Kids

    Disney Resort Holiday Decorations

    Disney Resort Holiday Decorations: An attraction not to be missed The Disney Resort holiday decorations are an attractions in their own right. Generally speaking, each resort incorporates its theme into its holiday finery. With more than 1,300 decorated trees and 8.5 million lights strung throughout the property one can spend an entire day resort hopping. If you’re staying at a