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    Las Vegas Shopping – The Quiet Contender

    Las Vegas Shopping – The Quiet Contender A few years back, the big buzz was Las Vegas as a family destination. Insiders understood, however, that all the talk was just that. At most, the family thing was a public relations exercise to make Las Vegas appear more wholesome. It was tacitly understood that the big dogs would never allow theme

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    Disney Cruises fun for the entire family

    Disney Cruises with Kids Disney cruises are not cheap but they offer great entertainment for kids and grownups alike. One of the most difficult parts of planning a vacation with kids is ensuring that they’re entertained throughout the trip. This usually means making sure that every travel day has at least a couple of things specifically designed to appeal to

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    Washington Cuisine Scene

    Fabulous Washington cuisine scene awaits D.C. visitors In the last 15 years, and even more rapidly over the past 8–10, Washington has evolved from an extremely predictable restaurant town, to one of the top-10 culinary centers in the country—a city where it’s really fun to be a restaurant critic. The sorts of heavy French and Italian dishes to which a

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    West Osceola Library Orlando Book Signing

    Meet Unofficial Guide Authors March 9 & March 11 at 7 PM West Osceola Library – Celebration In March the West Osceola Library in Celebration is host to two Unofficial Guide author events. Don’t miss your chance to meet Unofficial Guide founder Bob Sehlinger, Touring Plan Guru Len Testa and Unofficial authors Seth Kubersky, Laurel Stewart and Liliane Opsomer. Monday, March

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    Excalibur Hotel Las Vegas

    Excalibur Hotel guest rooms have received a makeover The Excalibur hotel is a hotel in transition, attempting to chunk its family business for a more adult, middle-income market. Although it’s difficult to transform a medieval-themed casino the size of an airplane hanger, Excalibur has succeeded to a remarkable degree. The new hotel lobby, as well as the casino, are tasteful, with dark