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    Walt Disney World Pools

    Walt Disney World pools are imaginative and fun Walt Disney World resorts offer some of the most imaginative swimming facilities that you are likely to encounter anywhere. Exotically themed, beautifully landscaped, and equipped with slides, fountains, and smaller pools for toddlers, Disney resort swimming complexes are a quantum leap removed from the typical rectangular hotel pool. Some resorts, such as the Grand Floridian and the Polynesian, even

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    Lincoln Memorial

    Lincoln Memorial inspires awe Almost everyone knows what the Lincoln Memorial looks like from the outside; it’s on the back of the $5 bill and most pennies. But that doesn’t give you any sense of the awe this monument inspires among its visitors, white and black Americans in particular. The contemplative, almost otherworldly Lincoln is 19 feet tall (he would

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    Las Vegas Dinner Shows

    Are Las Vegas dinner shows a good deal? Some Las Vegas dinner shows represent good deals, others less so. Be aware that with all dinner shows, your drinks will be extra, and invariably expensive. Food quality at dinner shows varies. In general, it can be characterized as acceptable, but certainly not exceptional. What you are buying is limited-menu banquet service for

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    Cars Land Big Hit at DCA

    Cars Land Greatest Hit at Disney California Adventure Tucked in the park’s southeast corner the main entrance to Cars Land is across from the Golden Vine Winery. There there are secondary gateways in a Bug’s land and in Pacific Wharf. Radiator Springs is a screen-accurate re-creation of the sleepy single-stoplight town along Route 66 popu­lated by Pixar’s anthropomorphized automobiles. In

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    Underrated Washington, D.C., Museums

    If you’re more inclined to enjoy a few places in-depth than to try to make the Big Circuit, you can pretty much have your pick among some of the most underrated of Washington, D.C.’s museums. Government agencies may have tighter restrictions in the post-9/11 era, but plenty of museums, historic homes, and religious sites offer guided tours or detailed brochures