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  • Find Out MOre About Disneyland's Haunted Mansion The History, the Ride, and `13 Fun Facts

    Disneyland Park’s Haunted Mansion: A Bit of History, the Ride, and 13 Fun Facts

    In 1952, before Disneyland even opened, Harper Goff, who was part of the artistic team of Walt Disney Studios, included a concept design sketch for a haunted house at Disneyland. Construction of the Haunted Mansion began in 1961. By 1963 the exterior was finished, but ghosts did not move in until August 9, 1969.  The Haunted Mansion, inspired by the

  • 10 Things to Think Abou When Choosing a Stateroom

    10 Things to Think About When Choosing a Disney Cruise Line Stateroom

    Erin Foster, coauthor of The Unofficial Guide to Disney Cruise Line, shares 10 tips to help you choose a Disney Cruise Line stateroom that is right for you and your family. When you book at a hotel at Walt Disney World, or most other land-based destinations, you don’t know which room you’ll be staying in until you arrive on site—within

  • The Unofficial Guide to Peppa Pig Theme Park Florida

    The Unofficial Guide to Peppa Pig Theme Park Florida

    Central Florida’s newest theme park is now open, and we’ve got your Unofficial Guide to visiting Peppa Pig Theme Park at the Legoland Florida Resort.

  • Best $6 Disney Snacks Kabuki Cafe Sushi

    Best $6 Disney Snacks: Kabuki Cafe Sushi

    It’s been a while since we shared one of our selections for the Best $6 Disney Snacks, but today we’re satisfying our seafood craving at EPCOT by savoring some quick-service sushi from Kabuki Cafe.

  • Hotel Lulu Anaheim Review and Video Tour

    Hotel Lulu Anaheim: Our Review and Video Tour

    Are you planning a vacation at the Disneyland Resort, and looking for a place to stay that’s a little less pricey than the upscale Westin Anaheim Resort we recently profiled? You’re going to want to join us for today’s review and video tour of the budget-friendly Hotel Lulu Anaheim, the latest installment in our series of Disneyland-area lodging reviews from the brand-new Unofficial Guide