Coolest Summer Ever – Keeping cool at Disney


How to have the Coolest Summer Ever

Coolest Summer Ever

Splash Zone Grand Floridian

Summer is just around the corner, so let’s talk about how to stay cool when visiting Walt Disney World. Temperatures easily rise into the high 90sF, and many guests are not used to walking for miles under the scorching Florida sun.

First, start your touring day early. Be at the gates half an hour prior to park opening, ticket in hand and ready to go. Ride all your favorite attractions by noon and make sure you take a break in the afternoon. Enjoy the pool of your hotel. Rest, take a nap, and return to the parks in the cooler evening hours. If you stay at the Grand Floridian, the splash zone is amazing. The pool and splash pad area of Disney’s Art of Animation are totally cool, and so are the splash zone and pool at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Next, make sure that you and your family stay hydrated. Skip the soda and go for water, lots of water. You might have to remind the younger kids in your party to drink more often. Even at some of the parks there are ways to keep the kids cool. Bring a second set of clothes or a bathing suit and let the kids enjoy the splash zones. They are also a great way for kids to let off steam. Here are some of our favorite spots.

Keeping Cool at Walt Disney World

Coolest Summer Ever

At the Magic Kingdom the Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station in the Storybook Circus section of the New Fantasyland offers perfect relief on a hot summer day.

It is actually so much fun here that your child may not want to leave this area. Water spouts from all directions; when the time comes for you to leave and your child is not ready to go, you, too, will get soaked trying to retrieve your reluctant toddler.

At Epcot there are two splash zones for kids to cool off. One is located by Mission: SPACE and Test Track in Future World and another one at the Innoventions Pavilion.

Coolest Summer Ever

At Downtown Disney kids can enjoy two splash zones. One is located near The Days of Christmas shop, and another, larger splash zone is near Once Upon A Toy, next to the Earl of Sandwich. This spot is my favorite. I love watching the children running through the water jets. There are plenty of benches for parents to sit and enjoy watching the kids trying to figure out where the next water jet is going to pop up.

Again, make sure you bring a set of dry clothes, and, most of all, keep shoes from getting wet. Walking around in wet sneakers is a recipe for blisters. Drinks lots of fluids, slap on the sunscreen, and enjoy the coolest summer ever!

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