The Importance of Being Goofy: Part II

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Bob Sehlinger, founder of the Unofficial Guides Series, shares with us his sense of humor in every Unofficial Guide. Today he delivers his second installment of The Importance of Being Goofy, which has been a staple in The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World over the years.

The Importance of Being Goofy

You see, what really makes writing about Walt Disney World fun is that the Disney people take everything so seriously. Day to day, they debate momentous decisions with far-ranging consequences: Will Pluto look silly in a silver cape? Have we gone too far with The Little Mermaid’s cleavage? With the nation’s drug problem, a constant concern, should we have a dwarf named Dopey? 

Unofficially, Bob thinks that having a sense of humor is important, and it’s probably necessary that you too pack a good dose of humor when visiting the parks, making sure you have the most fun possible at Walt Disney World. 

Today’s installment of The Importance of Being Goofy features Bosco, Disney’s Social Media guru and his worry about why beloved Disney characters are losing followers across the board on Twitter. So here we go…

Bosco, Disney’s Social Media guru stares, perplexed, at a new report. “Since Donald Trump was elected, our characters are losing followers across the board but are really getting trounced on Twitter,” he remarks. 

“Which characters?” quizzes his assistant, Hubert. 

“The number of Twitter followers is down just a little for most of our characters,” Bosco replies,but bird characters like Donald, Daisy, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Uncle Scrooge have totally tanked.”

“So it’s just duck characters, then?” Hubert asks. 

The Importance of Being Goofy

“Nope,” Bosco replies. “Among our bird characters, José Carioca, Lago, Scuttle, and Zazu are losing followers by the minute. Even non- Disney characters—including Woody Woodpecker, Foghorn Leghorn, Daffy Duck, and Road Runner—are way down.” 

“Where are the followers going? Do you see an uptick for anyone?” 

“No—hey, wait a minute. I’m seeing a huge gain in Twitter followers in the Looney Tunes column . . . but it’s just one character who’s cleaning up!” 

“Who?” implores Hubert. 

“Good grief—it’s Tweety Bird! He’s gained thousands of followers because of a string of tweets with ‘Trump’ arguing about cats’ rights.” 

“Huh? Like what?” 

“Whether a cat has to use the litter box corresponding to the sex on his birth certificate, for example,” Bosco explains. 

“Ooh, that’s topical all right,” Hubert concedes. 

“Tweety told the president that he’s pooped from tweeting all night but that he’s on call 24/7 for matters of national security, which he prefers to tweeting about cats. And there’s more—Trump invited Tweety to join him at a rally to sing a duet. You won’t believe this, but they’ve even recorded a song together!” 

Incredulous, Hubert asks, “What’s the song?”

“It was commissioned by the tourism authorities of Louisiana and Mississippi: ‘It’s sweet to bleat your tweet in the Mississippi mud.’ ”

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