CityWalk Orlando’s Universal Studios Store Goes Retro

CityWalk Universal Studios Store Retro

Universal Orlando recently gave CityWalk’s centerpiece Studios Store a retro makeover, and we’ve got an up-close photo report detailing some of the vintage treasures now found inside.

Universal Orlando CityWalk Studios Store entrance retro makeover
Step inside the Universal Studios Store at CityWalk Orlando and go back to the future with a selection of retro merchandise and vintage props from the theme park’s vaults.

Universal Orlando is currently hard at work on a massive new Studios Store, which is taking over a large swath of retail space in CityWalk, but that doesn’t mean they’ve neglected the entertainment complex’s existing Universal Studios Store. The shop recently received a retro makeover and was redecorated with props and images recalling the Universal Orlando Resort’s rich history.

Right up front, you’ll spot a selection of throwback merchandise, reflecting the neon colors that were popular in the 1990s when Universal Studios Florida first opened.

Dig deeper into the shop, and you’ll discover a wealth of framed pictures and long-forgotten props dotting the upper shelves, which serve as a mini-museum of Universal Orlando’s evolution.

Perhaps the most notable artifacts to be found are fragments of what appears to be an elaborate scale model of Universal’s theme parks. Could this be the remains of the legendary concept model Jim Hill saw inside Lombard’s years before Islands of Adventure’s announcement?

You can even spot reminders of the Enchanted Oak Tavern and Dueling Dragons, original elements of IOA’s Lost Continent that were lost to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Speaking of Harry Potter, there are a number of magical props that appear to have stepped straight off the screen.

Halloween Horror Nights devotees shouldn’t miss the chance to see an original prosthetic mold for a fan-favorite icon.

Framed photographs also document the resort’s early days, showing construction of Poseidon’s Fury’s rolling door effect, rehearsals of the Wild Wild Wild West stunt show before the set was built, and the grand opening ceremony for MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack.

Can you spot the celebrities in these shots? Some are cinematic legends…

…and some, like executive chef Steven Jayson, are simply superstars among Universal’s foodie fans.

Even longtime Universal visitors may find it challenging to remember the exact origin of some of the items on display.

Finally, wooden crates marked with the initials of extinct attractions make for subtle Easter eggs.

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