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Universal Orlando has unveiled new details about the How to Train Your Dragon-themed land that will open at Epic Universe in 2025, and the Unofficial Guides team has all your inside info about the Isle of Berk, direct from Theme Park Stop’s Alicia Stella.

How to Train Your Dragon
How to Train Your Dragon Isle of Berk concept art (courtesy Universal Orlando)

DreamWorks’s Isle of Berk is the most densely packed land in Epic Universe, with multiple attractions and eateries woven around a whimsical waterfront filled with the kinetic motion of roller-coaster trains, water-spraying boats, flying dragons, and fire-breathing statues.

How to Train Your Dragon

Bringing the colorful world of the How to Train Your Dragon films to life, the Isle of Berk is populated by dragons perched atop every building, as this Viking village is where humans and dragons live in harmony. In addition to spotting various dragons around the land—and in the impressive live stage show—kids of all ages will love meeting Toothless in the flesh, brought to life through innovative puppet-animatronic hybrid technology.

How to Train Your Dragon

After experiencing the land’s major attractions, let the kids burn off excess energy in the climb-and-explore play area, enjoy a relaxing meal at the indoor Mead Hall, or grab a quick bite at the outdoor Spit Fyre Grill, where fire-breathing dragons cook your food.

Hiccup’s Wing Gliders

Hiccup’s Wing Gliders is an Intamin-launched steel roller coaster (think a tamer version of VelociCoaster) that encircles much of the land, zooming over pathways and under bridges, creating the sensation of flying with a dragon.

The ride features two launches that act as small show scenes featuring Hiccup and Toothless, who are working to help power this Viking-made coaster experience. While the launches are a bit punchy and the curves are heavily banked, this ride does not go upside down, making it a good in-between coaster for younger riders ready to graduate from kiddie coasters to something a bit more adventurous.

How to Train Your Dragon

Fans of the films will enjoy being able to walk through Hiccup’s home as they enter the attraction queue, which features a real-life version of his wingsuit, the inspiration for the concept of the ride. If pressed for time, younger members of your family may enjoy this attraction while older teen siblings wait in line for Starfall Racers located next door, just outside of the How to Train Your Dragon entry portal.

The Untrainable Dragon

Experience an all-new story from the world of How to Train Your Dragon via the massive indoor stage show The Untrainable Dragon, and then meet Hiccup, Toothless, and their friends afterwards.

How to Train Your Dragon

Utilizing characters and locations from the film series, this land’s impressive stage show chooses to tell an original story, rather than simply retell any of the stories from the films. Featuring large dragon puppets, special effects, and original music, this show is impressive enough for those who may be uninitiated on the property, while it expands the canon for die-hard fans.

Plan to see the show in the middle of the day, while the lines for many of the park’s rides are at their longest.

Fyre Drill

Fyre Drill is an extremely slow-moving interactive boat ride where riders of all ages get to control on-board water cannons aimed at targets throughout the course. The story for this ride has your boat crew working together to spray “handmade” targets to put out fires and save a miniature version of Berk from going up in make-believe flames.

How to Train Your Dragon

Prepare to get wet! If the geysers and sprayers on the ride don’t get you, the landlubbers outside of the ride—firing their own water cannons at unsuspecting riders—will.

How to Train Your Dragon

Dragon Racer’s Rally

Dragon Racer’s Rally features two stand-alone passenger-controlled spinning rides (like Dumbo the Flying Elephant, except the lever allows them to do barrel-roll flips). Mounted dragon figures on the end of the spinning ride’s post make it appear as though they’re powering the attraction, which gives it a homemade, almost Flintstones feel.

How to Train Your Dragon

A bit of a one-trick pony, this spinning flat ride just goes around and around; while the ability to do flips is novel, it’s not as easy as it looks, requiring a bit of strength and perseverance to pull off. Daredevils who are up to the challenge (and have the stomach for it) may have a fun time, but this low-capacity attraction may not be for everyone. Despite having two of these rides side by side, this attraction still suffers from low capacity, so the line may move at a crawl at peak times of day.

Viking Training Camp

Viking Training Camp is a small explorable area where kids can ride elevated walkways, climb towers, and slide, all while encountering dragon-themed obstacles. The area is flanked by beautiful rockwork continuing the scenery from the nearby roller-coaster attraction. Conveniently located family restrooms can be found at the back of this play area, making it a good spot for a pit stop.

Interactive Experiences and Entertainment in Isle of Berk

If you’re up to the challenge of training your own dragon, you can “adopt” one and unlock additional interactive elements throughout the land. These adorable electronic dragon toys are available for purchase at retail locations like Toothless’ Treasure near the land’s theater. Each interactive dragon comes in its own carrying sack, which it sleeps in (recharges) and can be trained to do tricks, be fed, and interact with some of the larger dragons around the land. Visit the Haddock Paddock meet and greet, also located near the theater, to encounter stables filled with full-scale dragons like Toothless, as well as Hiccup and his friends.

Dining Options in Isle of Berk

Hooligan’s Grog & Gruel: This ordering window features small snacks, desserts, and self-serve Coke Freestyle machines. It’s good for a quick snack, but better dining locations are available within the Isle of Berk if you’re looking for a full meal.

Mead Hall: Here you’ll find hearty meals like roasted chicken and ribs, sandwiches, and frosty beverages and beer, perfect for feeding starving Vikings. Take a load off and enjoy the large-scale and rustic dining room of the great hall, where the Viking residents of Berk celebrate and dine together.

How to Train Your Dragon

Spit Fyre Grill: Fire-grilled meats and more are offered here, with self-serve Coke Freestyle machines for the thirsty. This walk-up dining location features outdoor covered seating overlooking the boat ride.

Shopping in Isle of Berk

In How to Train Your Dragon Isle of Berk, you’ll find all your Viking gear and apparel at Viking Traders within the center of the land, which also features the How to Treat Your Dragon sweets shop with unique desserts made by dragons. Hiccup’s Work Shop is the land’s roller coaster’s exit gift shop featuring branded merchandise. Toothless’ Treasure can be found near the land’s theater show and features small interactive dragons you can adopt.

And now enjoy a peek at the attractions and experiences that await in How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk, one of the five fantastic worlds coming to Universal Epic Universe in 2025.

What part of How to Train Your Dragon Isle of Berk are you most excited to experience when Epic Universe opens? Let us know in the comments below!

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