DreamWorks Destination Dance Party Now Open at Universal Orlando

DreamWorks Destination Dance Party Now Open at Universal Orlando

In another sure sign that Universal Orlando is returning to full operations, a new DreamWorks Destination attraction recently opened at Universal Studios Florida’s Kidzone, where fans of Kung Fu Panda, Trolls, Shrek, and Madagascar can dance and pose with some of their favorite characters.

DreamWorks Destination Universal Studios Florida Kidzone Puss in Boots characters
Tip your hat to Puss in Boots, King Julien, and other animated animals at Universal Studios Florida’s new DreamWorks Destination dance party. (Photos/video by Seth Kubersky)

All of the theme park world’s attention might be on the new VelociCoaster over at Islands of Adventure right now, but Universal has quietly debuted another attraction next door. Universal Studios Florida’s latest addition is aimed at the youngest demographic and features some of the most current cartoon characters in the resort’s catalogue. Head on into Kidzone with the Unofficial Guide, and take a tour with us of the new DreamWorks Destination with this POV video of the experience.

As you can see, DreamWorks Destination is located inside the former A Day in the Park with Barney theater, which was permanently retired earlier this year.

A temporary-looking new archway frames the entrance to the attraction courtyard, which has been stripped of the Barney statue that previously graced the fountain.

However, the courtyard has gained some photo backdrops themed to current DreamWorks franchises.

The preshow area where Mr. Peekaboo once performed is now outfitted with televisions showing upcoming film trailers on a loop, while the main theater now sports banners featuring DreamWorks characters, colorful disco lighting, and projections of clouds and the corporation’s logo on the faux-sky cyclorama.

Once inside the theater, you’ll spot three DreamWorks characters on the center stage, accompanied by a trio of high-energy dancers and an emcee.

Every 20 minutes, the characters and their escorts rotate out, with a big dance number accompanying their entrance and exit. In addition, a smaller dance number is performed every 10 minutes, with the time in between spent posing for photos with guests.

Participating characters include Puss in Boots from Shrek, Po from Kung Fu Panda, Branch and Guy Glitter from Trolls, and King Julien from Madagascar. Arrive right before one of the cross-over performances and stay until the next one to see all nine characters in just over 20 minutes.

Since certain indoor social distancing restrictions are still in place at this time, guests must stay in designated spots on the floor, while the characters greet them from the elevated stage.

What do you think of the new DreamWorks Destination? Let us know in the comments!

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