10 Things I Learned on My Visit to Lookout Cay

Disney Lookout Cay

Tammy Whiting, our Disney Cruise Line expert, is back from her first sailing to Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point, and she has so much to say about Disney’s newest private island destination! Here are 10 things of note.

1.  It All Begins with a Long Walk – The ships dock at the end of a long pier at Lookout Cay. After disembarking the ship, everyone must walk down the pier—the long, hot pier. It’s actually about ½ mile and only takes around 12 minutes, so it’s not as far as it looks, but the real problem is the lack of shade. It’s going to be incredibly hot on most days, so be prepared. The pier is not just there to torment guests; it was built so Disney would not have to disturb the coral. There are a limited amount of golf carts that take guests with mobility issues, which must be prearranged at guest services onboard. At the end of the pier is a kiosk of merchandise and a fruit/light-snack stand called Mangroves & Go. There will soon be bikes to rent at this tram stop (they didn’t make it in time for the first few sailings) and the check-in spot for the family cabanas.

lockout cay

2. The Family Cabanas Are Removed from Everything – The family cabanas are located at Mabrika Cove, and I love them.  The only guests on that beach are those staying in one of those 20 cabanas, so the beach is very quiet. They also have a great view of the ship. These cabanas have tablets to order drinks and other service items. I was initially concerned about how far they are from everything else, but unlike the cabanas on Castaway Cay, there is a place to get food in the middle of the area. They offer cooked-to-order steak, burgers, hot dogs, and ice-cream sundaes. What more could you want?  

3. The Trams Create a Bottleneck – Most guests will not be staying at Mabrika Cove, and after the pier walk, they will need to board a tram to the main area and family beach. The tram ride takes about 15 minutes, depending on how long you wait before leaving. Disney runs several trams, but you’ll probably wait a little while if you are getting off with a crowd in the morning.

4. The Water and Beaches are Beautiful – For any beach lovers concerned by some publicity statements from Disney claiming Lookout Cay is not meant to be a beach day, we have good news. The two beaches are beautiful. The sand is soft, and the water is still the striking shade of blue that we’ve come to expect from the Bahamas.  

Lookout Cay

5. Serenity Bay is in a Great Location – Serenity Bay, the adult beach, is in a great spot. On Castaway Cay, Serenity is very secluded and a long way from most of the island activities. On Lookout Cay, Serenity is at the end of the family beach. There’s an adults-only restaurant, Serenity Bay BBQ, a bar, Blue Hole Bar, and six Serenity Bay Cabanas. The rest of Lookout is just steps away.  

6. The Merch is Good – Disney did a good job with Lookout Cay merchandise selection, and it’s very popular. Be prepared for long lines for the first few months.  

7. There is No Snorkeling Lagoon – While there is snorkeling equipment for rent, there is no snorkeling lagoon with sunken treasures to find like there is at Castaway Cay—just beautiful blue water and sea life.  

8. There is No 5K – Disney certainly may add it one day, but as of now, there is no 5K to run and receive a medal on Lookout Cay.  

9. The Family Play and Kids’ Areas are Great – Rush Out Gush Out is a family water play area that the kids will absolutely love. Sebastian’s Cove is the kids’ club splash pad. It’s bright and adorable! The cement there is made to retain cooler temps so children’s feet do not burn.

10. The Bahamian Cultural Immersion is Well Done – Disney has made an intentional effort to keep Bahamian culture a key part of the Lookout Cay experience, and they refer to it as a celebration of the Bahamas. The Junkanoo dancers and musicians really added to the fun atmosphere, and the warmth of the island residents made us feel welcome. The vibrant, colorful buildings and structures around the beach are just the right touch.  

My final thoughts – I am a HUGE fan of Castaway Cay, and I have been excited to see Lookout Cay. There are some kinks to work out, but I had a great day! After spending my first of what I hope will be many days there, I’m ready to go back. It’s not the same as Castaway Cay, and I don’t want it to be.  

About the author of the blog: Tammy Whiting is the coauthor of The Unofficial Guide to Disney Cruise Line. Blogger, Space Force wife, and mother of two, Tammy has been involved in the travel industry for more than 15 years. Though she certainly enjoys vacations of all kinds, her favorite adventures around the globe have been on cruise ships. Tammy spent five years of her childhood in Europe as a military brat and has been a military spouse for over 30 years, living in almost every corner of the US. When she isn’t traveling, you can find her enjoying her family, buying camera equipment, and planning her next trip! 

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